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Why I feel like the Droid X is the best phone I've own.


Aug 9, 2010
The purpose of this thread is to share with everyone my experience with my phone. I upgraded from a BlackBerry Curve.

The number one reason why I feel that the Motorola Droid X was a good buy is how easy it can be to do things. It can do everything that I want a mobile device to do in very few preses or swipes.



This is my home screen. I put the most frequently used apps and widgets here. This includes a Advanced Task Killer, Maps, a shortcut to the GVENT contacts, Cardock, Gallery, and Apps Market Place.

Since I do a lot of driving, made sure its easy for me to access my CarDock and Maps. If I'm driving and need directions, I can get to the Maps app by in 2 'presses' from any screen. Home -> Maps.

The Power Control widget needs to be on the homescreen for me so I can toggle the GPS, Wifi, BlueTooth, Sync, and Brightness in 2 presses from any screen. I have my screen on low brightness most of the time to conserve battery life; however, increasing the brightness when necessary is only 2 presses away from any screen. Home -> Toggle Brightness

The shortcut to GVENT allows me to use voice commands to add events to my calender in 4 presses. I don't even have to type out or specify when or where, it is usually smart enough to figure it out. Home -> GVENT Shortcut-> send text-> voice icon -> Speak "Dinner at Mom's house tomorrow at 6 PM."


All the necessary functions of a phone is located on the Dock. I use Dailer One instead of the stock dialer. This allows me to use T9 to quickly call anyone in my contacts.


I'm searching through my contacts for "rick" by typing 7425.

The other items on my dock is my GMAIL, Apps drawer, Handcent SMS, and xScope Browser.

I think Handcent SMS looks better then the stock messenger, and has an option to send a the same text out to everyone in a group with 1 click.

I've tried different browsers and I just like xScope the best.


I use Launcher Pro, which offers up to three docks. I store my most frequently contacted here. Combining this with Anycut, I can touch a contact to make a directly call, or swipe up on a contact to compose a direct text or mms message.

Since LauncherPro lets you have 3 docks, I can store 10 contacts that I can directly call or text in 3 presses or swipes regardless of where I am. Home-> Swipe dock-> Press shortcut to call, or swipe contact to text.

With this configuration, everything that I never need to do with my mobile device (make phone calls, send text messages, create event on my calender, navigate or get directions while driving, get to a web browser, check and compose email) is literally at the touch of my fingertips... 2 or 3 swipes/press for most things with the exception of GVENT, but how can I complain when I can create events on my calender with 4 swipes + speak instead of the traditional adding event to calenders.


With this configuration, I still have many (5) homescreens to customize. I put all my useful apps (Alarm, mp3 Music, Shopsavvy, Files, Youtube, Urbanspoon, Wellsfargo, sound & notification settings) on one of them, and my music player and notepad on the other.

When I find a new App or feature on the phone that I find myself using frequently, it's easy to make a shortcut to it. Convenient.

When connected to Wifi, I use Mp3 Music to download build my mp3 collection. I also download high def youtube videos using jetVD. I'm building a media collection and have yet to plug my phone into my PC once.

I also rooted my phone without plugging my phone into the PC using Easy Root. All my stuff (Apps and system data) is backed up on the SD card using Titanium Backup in case my phone gets wiped. I used drocap2 to take these screenshots and uploaded them to my picasa account. (also in a few clicks)

Using DroidEmulator, I downloaded NES Roms (Metroid), and SNES (Chrono Trigger), unzipped them with AndroZip, and played them using the Emulator.

I've recorded my friends snake eating a rat in HD, edited it's length, added a title, and uploaded it to youtube.

This phone does everything. The feeling that you get when you know that your phone is customized to your exact needs is awesome.
I think im in the same boat as you. Having come from the bb tour which isn't too much of a jump from the curve is just a whole new world. Its just all the little conveniences and customizations that this phone supports that makes it lightyears beyond what our previous rim phones were capable of.

And above all else the browser is a night and day difference. Needless to say i don't think either of us will be jumping ship back to the bb side anytime soon, lol.
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Unfortunately the X could have been great. Excellent hardware crippled by horrible software. Blur, or whatever the heck Motorola calls it.

The lag unlocking, enter widgetlocker. Home replacement to the rescue, LauncherPro. The joke of a dialer, Dialer one onboard. Too many services running in the background. Ringer volume too low on maximum, GPS locked on causing battery drain and others. I really want to like this phone, but until these issues get resolved (if they ever do), I can't. More droid, less blur......
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This is both the best and worst phone I've ever owned: best when it works nominally; worst when it doesn't.

I just had to do a factory refresh because my ringer stopped working for no apparent reason, and 5 minutes into resetting everything, the phone froze and I had to do a battery pull. I'm setting up Google Voice again (for the 4th time now) and I can see it is stuck on "reading settings" again and I will have to do a soft reset.

That is 1 factory refresh, 1 battery pull, and 1 restart in 1 hour.

Really, this phone is awesome, but it is buggy as hell.
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I left ATT with an iphone 4 to get this and lets just say that ill be making personal history when i get in a verizon store line to get the X2.. i cant wait...lol this is a great phone,everything about it from design,hardware to software..amazing my first MOTO love it.:)

I too had the iPhone 4 but I kept my Verizon line because I wasn't sure how I would like at&t. Well I returned the iPhone but not for any phone related reason. I then got the Droid X and while I like the Droid X, but as stated above Motorola ruined the phone with its craptacular software. Vanilla Android on my Moto Droid A855 was far superior.
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The droid x is light years ahead of blackerry in every aspect.

Wrong. The ONLY aspect Blackberry has cornered within the market of smartphones is its email system. Hands-down one of the best features of almost every Blackberry I've ever owned. I think it's one reason I put up with my Storm as long as I did. Lord knows how many things it did wrong, but my God was it dependable when it came to email.

Unfortunately, I don't even think 6.0 can save their dying share of the market.
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this phone is indeed amazing. I don't get why there's so many people crying and being nit picky little women. Yea my camcorder has like two red dots so fackin what. Cry less or return the phone, simple. The phone does it all in an extremely efficient manner. And people wonder why they haven't released froyo yet...crying because its not out yet and people will be crying once it comes out too. Ridiculous.
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Wrong. The ONLY aspect Blackberry has cornered within the market of smartphones is its email system. Hands-down one of the best features of almost every Blackberry I've ever owned. I think it's one reason I put up with my Storm as long as I did. Lord knows how many things it did wrong, but my God was it dependable when it came to email.

Unfortunately, I don't even think 6.0 can save their dying share of rthe market.

I mentioned this in another thread and explained how the best use i got out of bb e-mail was keeping me updated on my fedex tracking for my droid x. Lol

However to me e-mail is a dead form of communication and i have corporate e-mail through my job.
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Thanks a lot for the post. Was fun reading all of it, I'm so excited for my X to arrive! I'm coming from a BB Tour. It seems as though from what I'm reading on the forum, people coming from BB to the Droid X are so thrilled with the difference.

Exactly what i came from. I cannot explain in words to you how much of an upgrade you have made. But you'll know when you get it.
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