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Help Why wont the dam thing ring?


Jun 28, 2010
My evo rings once and a while with no real predctability. I miss allmost every call. Once and a while it rings once and a while it just shows the call on the screen with no ring so if your not looking you miss the call. Blutooth sometime rings sometime it says incoming call in the earpiece. No ryme or reason and I cant find the correct fix. I have had it for 6 months and this is been going on for about the last three weeks
It happened to me last week, I found out that my default ringtone was gone... maybe I deleted it accidentally while I was doing clean up of files I don't need to free up memory space.

I tried several other ringtones. Nothing. sometimes I catch the upper task bar during an incoming call and it has a music note in it and all of the sudden it has a slash thru it.
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