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Help Wi-fi problems (can't find wifi)


Sep 8, 2011
Hello I recently bought a galaxy sII and it's my first smartphone ever, so I'm still a newbie, but I've been reading a few things.

Right now I have 2 problems with my wi-fi connection, first, sometimes I use the wi-fi at the restaurant near home, it's free and without password, the only thing that I need to do, is to click in the "I agree" button that should appear when I try to connect. In my itouch, this page opens automatically when I try to connect to the wi-fi (same thing happens for mc wi-fi and other places with free connections). But this page doesn't show up in my galaxy.

The second problem, is that I'm using my laptop to share my cable internet connection, for this I'm using connectify (I also did the "normal" way, without any program) and my galaxy doesn't find the wi-fi network, but my Itouch can find and connect to it.
Does any one know how to fix these problems?
Thank you in advance


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