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This is one aspect that pisses me off about Verizon. I currently have an unlimited data plan, how can they get off charging me more to use data when I currently have an unlimited plan?

They can't claim that they are charging for the feature itself as it comes with 2.2 and they had nothing to do with its development. I have very little need for the tethering option as I don't have a laptop, it just irritates me that they charge for a feature they have nothing to do with on top of my unlimited data plan.

The sales rep at the VZW store actually tried defending it by saying "you have to think from the corporations point of view." I'm sorry, what? From the corporations point of view? They aren't already making enough money so they need to hit me for an additional data fee each month? BS!!!! This is plain profiteering, but as irritating as it is, they have every right to do it.
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