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Root Wifi Tether & Swype not working on 2.2


Apr 15, 2010
I had wireless tether working before going to 2.2. Now it appears to be working on the phone, but on the computer it shows "Local Only". I tried uninstalling, rebooting then reinstalling... no luck with that.

Also, I am part of the Swype Beta. I had Swype resend the email when I updated to 2.2 and reinstalled. It works until I reboot my phone, then it goes into "tap only" mode. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Any solution?

On the wifi tether, I'm running the old tether app and it works fine. With the new one I had major problems. Installed the old one and it works great.

Yes I am getting the same problem in swype. It works in swype mode until you tap a key then swype mode stops working. A faster way to fix the issue is to hold down on the text field and switch the keyboard back to "Touch input" then go back in and switch it back to swype. Really sucks but its faster than rebooting. I sure hope swype fixes this soon.
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