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Will Moto G be available for standard Verizon customers?


Apr 16, 2013
From everything I can find, it will be available for Verizon prepaid, but can't find anything regarding it's availability for Verizon customers under-contract.

Looking to sell my current phone and purchase this phone outright, has everything I need and a good design.

Will there be an unlocked Moto G that can be used on Verizon?
So, after 6 months it can just magically activate? Doesn't make sense. What happens in that timeframe that makes it able to use on a contract line?

Called them today. One person said it might work, the other said would have to wait the 6 months.

This phone probably won't be available unlocked to buy, it looks too stylish for the price and would probably outsell the Moto X.
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