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Root wireless tether not working after root

Anyone ever have this issue after rooting? I'm on tweakstock with the knightrider kernal. Im using the wireless tether app from the market with win7 computer. I did get it to connect on a friends apple computer. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
You should update to Tweaked 2.2 and use rhcp's or bag's kernel, tweakstock is pretty old... that being said, it should still work.

Make sure you really do have root by going into the Superuser app and doing an update binary, if the it says the current binary is "legacy" you do not have full root. If it does say that, download Superuser 3.0.7-efghi from androidsu and flash it in CWM Recovery after mounting /system and it should be good to go.

Also, I would just use FoxFi, simple to use and doesn't even require root!
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