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Root Working Edited Cpu Fix File

For the sake of making things easier to do, Ive copied my init.qcom.post_boot.sh file to share. Its been edited and is working on Black Plague 1.2. This is a WORKING cpu fix.

I am not liable for any adverse effects that may happen to your device. Use at your own risk.

Move to SD
Using a file explorer, delete init.qcom.post_boot.sh file found in system/etc/
Replace with this file
Enjoy setting cpu clock speeds

Is there a difference between not having the file and having this file?? Because i deleted the file it was with and they stuck.;)

Nothing major. I had it running with it del since B.O. came out, and when B.P. came out i had it del too with no issues. I just tried this to see if it would work because I was on lunch and tried it.

It does work, but IMHO if del works for you too then you are ok.
My opinion.
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geez, when I asked what this one said, I didn't realize it showed it when you clicked the download link. I just thought it was going to be a zip. So, this is what I already have mine set as. I did read it correctly and the only thing added was the 2 lines with 1800000 cpu0 and cpu1 scaling_max_freq, correct? There isn't anything new that I overlooked?
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