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Root Write to system working

I don't know the details but DSB said he undid whatever HTC did that was blocking write to system. As in maybe an error on HTC's part, and it's something that should have been working all along.

Unfortunately some douche insisted on pushing DSB's buttons regarding his work and sounds like he's given up development for the time being.

Apparently some people don't quite understand this is a brand new processor and there's going to be growing pains. The Nexus 4 is going through the same issues.
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I think after the emotional outpouring he reconsidered. Released a bug fix version earlier today.

Definitely agree though, I've seen quite a few devs come and go, either lost interest or just didn't feel like putting up with the BS and I can't say I don't blame them. You put in hours of your personal time and share your work with others only to be criticized when someone feels its not up to their own personal standards.
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