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Help x10a Debranding


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Jul 1, 2010
Alright im sort of confused about it. I found several tutorials on how to debrand an x10a but then i read that they are outdated and you cant debrand a certain way anymore. When i go into the SEUS folder and find the blobs_fs or w/e its called, theres only files like 4-10kb, there is nothing near 100mb.

Thanks for the help, forums great.
just too let you know all the x10a files i have searched and found to debrand are for x10a argentina. they still work on the x10a and get the debrand job done, but it will put your location in argentina so you will have to wait until argentina updates too 2.1 so you can update.
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really!!? thanks i been looking for that file but no one seems to have been able to find it. is it for an x10a?
Yep. I have an x10a from AT&T in the US. Follwed those steps & have been unbranded & rooted for 4 days now on firmware 023.

I had tried several other methods & kept getting left with x10i firmware on the phone so I know what you mean.

I didn't feel the need to get 026 with the 2.1 upgrade starting this weekend.

I did need to tell it which network to connect to after setting it up but that's all very easy with access being unlocked.
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