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You know what sucks about the new Droid Bionic?

Waiting 3 hours for the battery to charge (2 more to go) :(

I charged a completely drained battery in about 2 hours today. I'm doing the full drain/full charge cycle a few times. It's a PITA, but I'm told it's worth it. Plus, I got the extra battery and charger in the Costco bundle, so I have to do it for that one, too! :) I haven't decided if I need the extended battery or not, since I have all these chargers at my disposal... I guess if I take a long train or plane trip, I might want it!
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I'm taking a plane trip later this week, and will leave here with the Costco bundle desktop charger, a fully charged battery in the phone and a fully charged spare. Unfortunately, my extended battery won't arrive until after I've left. Hopefully it will last long enough that I can just install it and forget it.
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My extended battery takes about 4 hours to charge when the phone is on while it is charging (even if I'm not using it). If I turn the phone off, it takes less than half of that time to charge. It's not so bad turning off my phone to charge while I'm sleeping... IF the phone could make it through the whole day without another charge. Unfortunately, I'm only getting 8-10 hours of battery life WITH the extended battery, so I have to charge half way through the day. I don't like having to turn off the phone during the day, but I don't really have a choice if I want to keep it charged.

This battery life / charing issue is my achilles heel with this phone: I'm loving just about everything else on the phone, but I really thought I'd be okay with the extended battery. But so far, I'm extremely disappointed (and I'm not even on 4G yet).
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No waiting here. The extra battery and battery charger from Costco IS the cure! :cool:

You got that right. The convenience of always having a charged battery, without EVER being tethered to a charger is great.

BTW, someone in Motorola's forums had a great idea (I think): with the shell/holster combo you can actually fit the spare battery in the void between the back of the phone and the back of the shell, so your spare is always with you, but never in the way.
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I have the circle battery widget and it's still at 95% when my phone says it's fully charged.

After fully charging your phone, keep your phone plugged in and go into the widget settings. Either turn off the circle battery widget and then back on, or reinstall it. The widget WILL then show 100 percent. However, the charge will drop down to 99 percent as soon as you unplug the phone.

I personally have decided not to use this widget. It's my impression that this application uses up more battery than it's worth. It needs to monitor and report percentage changes constantly, which may be less useful than the greater battery usage it uses.
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