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LG Amplifies ‘Life’s Good’ Message With Inspiring Brand Film to Champion Optimism

Directed by Award-Winning Director, Motivational Brand Film
Encourages Viewers to Embrace Path of Optimism

An image of a man riding a longboard with a phrase

SEOUL, Sep. 27, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) today highlighted its Life’s Good message by introducing a new brand film. Part of the ongoing global brand campaign, the film beautifully communicates the true meaning of LG’s Life’s Good philosophy and shares the company’s powerful message of the importance of being optimistic.

Launched in August 2023, the Life’s Good campaign aims to inspire people to face challenges with an optimistic attitude during difficult times, as well as highlight the enduring nature of LG’s brand philosophy and values, which the company has consistently upheld throughout its entire history.

The newly introduced 90-second film centers on a middle-aged man who chooses optimism in his personal journey, allowing him to overcome obstacles and accomplish something that no one would have believed him capable of. At the outset, the protagonist has a look of apprehension as he struggles to ride a longboard down a suburban street. However, as the film progresses, he becomes more determined and begins to glide gracefully over the asphalt, wearing a happy, confident smile on his face.

The underlying message of this heartwarming story is that there’s an optimist inside everyone; it’s merely a matter of deciding to embrace it. Using a longboard as a metaphor for life, the film suggests that any goal or dream is attainable if one is brave and optimistic enough to push through their perceived limitations to get there.

LG’s brand film was crafted by the creative team at TBWA\Chiat\Day New York and headed by Emmy Award-winning director, Nicolai Fuglsig, whose simple, charming storytelling so powerfully illustrates what can happen when one elects to walk the path of optimism.

“LG came to me with the idea of sharing the meaning of its Life’s Good philosophy through the lens of choosing optimism, and I was immediately drawn to the project,” said Nicolai Fuglsig. “I love the story of an unexpected hero venturing out of his comfort zone and using optimism to overcome challenges. Personally, I feel it’s a powerful reminder not to get bogged down by negativity and to live life to the fullest.”

As LG transforms its business, it is changing the way it communicates with customers and stakeholders through its recent brand reinvention, ensuring the values and philosophy of Life’s Good are delivered at every touchpoint across the customer experience. Thus far, the campaign has graced some of the most iconic landmarks in various cities around the world, including Dubai, London, New York and Seoul.

Life’s Good represents our unwavering commitment to making people’s lives better through innovation,” said Jeongseok (JS) Lee, senior vice president and head of LG’s Global Marketing Center. “In line with our future vision to become a smart life solution company, we will communicate with various customers at every touchpoint in a more dynamic and youthful way.”

“With our global campaign, we aim to convey our message of Life’s Good, inspiring and encouraging customers to take life with an optimistic attitude,” said Kim Hyo-eun, vice president of LG’s Global Marketing Center. “We hope that our brand film can uplift customers and create meaningful influence on their lives.”

The brand film can be viewed on the LG Global YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/GlobalLG).​

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Music starts playing automatically after phone calls or sometimes during calls?

Ok, this is really annoying. It's been going on for some time now. If I have my Bluetooth headset connected to my phone, everytime I end a call, my music just starts playing automatically. Sometimes immediately after I dial a number and it starts ringing, my music will just start playing automatically. Not sure if the person I'm calling can hear the music, but I definitely cannot hear the person with the music blairing. Then after I pause it and talk to the person, I hang up and the music starts again. I've tried to kill the music app. It doesn't matter which music app I'm using. I was using Spotify. I recently uninstalled it and now just listening to MP3s using either poweramp or Samsung music player. They all do it. Whatever app I use to listen to music in my car auto starts playing when I use my Bluetooth headset everytime I use the phone. The music starts playing automatically only when I have a Bluetooth audio device connected to the phone.

When I go to my Bluetooth options, I have the option to disable/enable phone and audio... I cannot diable audio/music on my headset because when I use my phone to make calls, I'm using the app sideline which I use voip which is using the music channel to make calls. I'm not calling using the android native phone app. I do this because my cell signal at my house is really bad, but we finally have rock solid fast internet.

I work from home, so this is super distracting when calling customers.

Gestures using Watch4

My wife and I use the same model of watch on the same carrier paired into our S21's.
Selected to set up my watch to answer using the gesture.

Selected it and trying to use it when mine rings makes me look stupid but it finally answers. I set up my wife's and when she tries to answer
people look at her strangely and hers doesn't answer. She's refusing to use it when she's out in public.

My question: Am I missing something?

Is there a way to increase the sensitivity so you don't look like your drowning when trying to answer?

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LG USA Issues Call for LG webOS Hackathon Participation

Selected Developers to Engage With the LG Team at
LG NOVA Innovation Festival to Expand Ideas for Smart TVs

An image of LG TV with a phrase

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sep. 19, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) USA announced a call for participation in a landmark smart TV hackathon featuring its webOS TV Developers’ platform. Developers are invited to apply for a spot to present their ideas to LG executives onstage at the LG NOVA Innovation Festival, taking place on October 25-26 at the Hibernia in San Francisco.

The webOS TV web-centric smart TV platform powers LG Smart TVs, including its line of critically acclaimed LG OLED TVs, and enables developers to create apps and third-party services to manage media, devices, security, networking, TV functionalities and more. The webOS TV Developer platform provides the ability for developers to build a service or app for webOS-based LG Smart TVs in millions of consumer homes today.

“New technologies and ideas are at the heart of transforming how we work, play and live. The goal of this hackathon is to push the boundaries of how we view the Smart TV,” said Matt Durgin, vice president of LG content and services at LG Electronics USA. “LG wants to hear from innovators and developers with grand ideas or business proposals, who are ready to start developing those ideas through our webOS TV developer platform and turn them into real business opportunities.”

Applications to participate in the hackathon are now open and will close on September 24. Selected participants will be notified by September 30. Interested developers can get more information and sign up at www.lgnova.com/innofest/webos-hackathon.

The invitation-only hackathon will kick-off virtually with a webinar in late September. Developers selected to participate in the hackathon will have the opportunity to work directly with the LG team throughout October to further develop their idea and build their app using the webOS Developer TV platform. They will be invited to present their ideas to top LG executives at the Innovation Festival on October 25. For the final presentations, a developed Smart TV app or a business idea proposal may be accepted.

The top three winners of the hackathon will receive resources to help develop their services or app idea on webOS and further opportunities to engage with the LG team on their idea, as well as prizes such as premium models of LG TVs. The top winning developer will also have the opportunity to meet directly with LG Electronics North America senior management to discuss their proposal.

For the past 10 years, as the leader and original creator of OLED TVs, LG has refined its premium TV innovation year after year. Today, LG offers the widest lineup of OLED TVs from 42 to 97-inch screen sizes, as well as innovative OLED TV solutions such as the world’s only 42-inch flexible TV, the LG OLED Flex and unique lifestyle TVs, including the LG OLED Posé. For more information on the complete lineup of 2023 LG OLED TVs, visit LG.com.

Now in its third year, the LG NOVA Innovation Festival is a unique event that brings together innovators to discuss, explore and build next-generation solutions for digital health, sustainability, mobility, smart life and other emerging areas. The event will feature opportunities for attendees to take an active role in sessions, such as think tank-styled collaboration discussions, meet-ups, interactive roundtables and more. Attendees will have opportunities to share their ideas with other event participants, industry experts, investors, corporate and LG executives. This year’s event will be focused on “growth through innovation” and taking the next steps toward achieving the vision of a better, more sustainable future. The event is hosted by LG NOVA, LG Electronics’ North America Center for Innovation.​

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[On the Job] Making Appliances Accessible for Everyone: LG Universal UP Kit

In this installment of On the Job, we look into the development of the Universal UP Kit to learn how LG’s inclusive innovation is providing usability and accessibility for all.

LG home appliances applied with Universal UP Kit for enhanced usability and accessibility

Imagine if every individual, regardless of their physical abilities, age or gender, could enjoy an effortless experience when using their home appliances. LG’s Universal UP Kit, unveiled at IFA this year, makes this inclusive vision a reality, providing innovative home appliance accessories and add-ons that leverage universal design to enhance accessibility and usability.​


To develop the Universal UP Kit, an initiative that forms part of LG’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management strategy, the company brought together several teams, who collaborated closely to create solutions embracing the “Design for All” ethos. Read on to learn more about how the groundbreaking Universal UP Kit came into existence.​


The journey began when LG product designers and developers held meetings with a wide spectrum of customers, including those with physical limitations. Feedback from these invaluable sessions highlighted the considerable need for physical tools or accessories – distinct from the Braille stickers the company previously introduced – that could make appliances easy to use for a broader range of people.​

(From left to right) Ha Young-soo, lead of the H&A Design Lab New Experience Design Task, Park Se-ra, a specialist at the LG H&A customer experience innovation planning team, and Lee Jae-kul, a senior specialist at LG’s CSO ESG strategy team.

“We wanted to develop a kit offering practical solutions for improving the usability and accessibility of LG appliances, without necessitating any structural changes or the purchase of brand-new appliances,” remarked Ha Young-soo, lead of the H&A Design Lab New Experience Design Task.

The teams involved in the project set about translating the feedback from the meetings into tangible solutions. Prototypes were crafted using paper or wood, and then plastic samples were made on 3D printers, enabling the team members to get a better sense of the viability of their ‘outside-the-square’ designs.

During the development of each Universal UP Kit solution, LG focused on three key aspects of design: functionality, aesthetics and safety. Functionality and safety were the priorities, but the company also considered color and shape to ensure that every accessory harmonized seamlessly with the relevant appliances.​


“This project’s strength lies in the initial emphasis we placed on design, and has resulted in products that are not only functional and convenient, but are also aesthetically pleasing,” explained Park Se-ra, a specialist at the LG H&A customer experience innovation planning team. “Taking this approach, we were able to accommodate the diverse needs of both disabled and non-disabled individuals and achieve a level of innovation that may not have been possible if we’d focused solely on safety and functionality.”​


The Moving Drawer is a prime example of the Universal UP Kit designers’ concern for the safety of users, particularly those with physical limitations. Made for use with LG microwave ovens, the convenient Moving Drawer ensures a safer user experience by helping to minimize the risk of injury when taking hot food out of the microwave.

“Given the relatively long lifespan of home appliances, the Kit represents a useful solution for both previously-purchased and brand-new appliances,” commented Lee Jae-kul, a senior specialist at LG’s CSO ESG strategy team. “We think there is an opportunity here for continuous development and refinement through customer feedback and accessibility evaluations.”

In addition to the Universal UP Kit introduced at IFA, LG is actively developing and testing new Universal UP Kits that can be easily adapted for various product ranges. LG’s ultimate goal is to provide all LG appliance owners with a convenient and genuinely accessible user experience, ensuring a better life for all.​

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Help Rooted and flashed LG G8 how do I backup the current firmware, flash a stock one and relock the bootloader

I want to flash stock LG firmware on LG G8 (LM-G820UM). I would first like to backup what is currently on the phone, just in case I want to play around with it in the future. I also want to lock the bootloader again. Could someone please point me in the right direction? How do I backup the firmware the phone currently has? When I search for firmware how do I find out what firmware do I need, which one should I choose and from where should I get it from? How do I flash firmware on LG phones? How do I make sure I have done everything correctly so the phone doesn't become a brick and how do I lock the bootloader again? Do I also need to flash any rom/s? I don't have much experienced flashing phones. Any help is appreciated :).

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LG Sets New Record, Successfully Transmitting, Receiving 6G THz Data Over Distance of 500 Meters

In Test Conducted Jointly With LG U+ in Seoul, Company Again
Demonstrates Its Leadership in 6G Telecommunications

LG logo

SEOUL, Sep. 26, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) announces the successful wireless transmission and reception of 6G terahertz (THz) data over 500 meters, the longest distance recorded in any 6G test conducted in an outdoor, urban area to date. Run jointly with LG U+, the test took place at the beginning of this month at LG Sciencepark in Magok, Seoul. The strong result demonstrates LG’s continuing leadership in 6G telecommunications research and development.

This latest achievement follows the company’s successful 2022 test, when it sent and received 6G THz data wirelessly over a distance of 320 meters outdoors at the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz Institute in Berlin, Germany. LG and Fraunhofer cooperated to develop core equipment for 6G transmission and reception, including a multi-channel power amplifier and a receiver low-noise amplifier, which helped optimize performance and improve output by more than 50 percent.

The recent test at LG Sciencepark is significant not only because LG increased the wireless transmission and reception distance to 500 meters – the standard distance for high-powered base stations in urban areas – but also because it verified the usability of 6G in various ‘real world’ communication scenarios, including building-to-building, building-to-ground terminal and ground-to-ground terminals. The company is now one step closer to commercializing 6G THz communications.

The evolution of 5G, 6G telecommunications will enable significantly increased data rate as well as ultra-low latency, high-reliability data transmission, and the combination of communications and AI, and communications and sensing. In addition to facilitating immersive multimedia experiences, the advanced capabilities of 6G will be crucial for several of LG’s ‘future’ businesses, including autonomous driving and mobility solutions, the metaverse, smart homes and smart factories.

Discussions on 6G network standardization are expected to begin around 2025, with commercialization slated for 2029. LG’s investment in R&D, strategic partnerships and successful technology demonstrations point to the company’s readiness and determination to lead the global transition to 6G.

In 2019, LG together with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) established the LG Electronics-KAIST 6G Research Center, the first industry-university cooperative research facility of its kind in Korea. The company continues to secure 6G core technologies by working cooperatively with leading universities from all over the world. LG has also forged R&D partnerships for the development of 6G core technology with various institutes, including Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute, the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), and Keysight Technologies.

LG is the only Korean company to be named chair of the Next G Alliance, a wireless technology group led by the American Telecommunications Industry Association (ATIS). LG has held the role since 2021, overseeing a variety of projects aimed at discovering use cases for 6G communications technology and establishing technical requirements.

In October, the company will share its key achievements in 6G technology development at the ‘LG 6G Tech Festa,’ which will be co-hosted by LG U+.

“We will continue to cooperate with research institutions and tech companies, and conduct our own advanced R&D, to dominate 6G standard technology and solidify our technological leadership in this important field,” said Dr. Kim Byoung-hoon, CTO and executive vice president of LG Electronics.​

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LG SIGNATURE Exhibits Luxury Living in ‘The Villa’ at IFA 2023

A front picture of the LG SIGNATURE booth at IFA 2023

With an unrivaled reputation for combining groundbreaking performance with refined design, LG SIGNATURE is once again writing a new chapter in the history of premium home appliances. From September 1-5, LG SIGNATURE introduced various differentiated experiences that go beyond appliances to the IFA 2023 show floor, focusing on ‘design and technology that elevates timeless values and the dignity of life.’​

A side view of the LG SIGNATURE booth at IFA 2023

Under the name of The Villa, the LG SIGNATURE booth was a specially curated zone that presented new lifestyles across three vitally important home living spaces: the laundry room, kitchen and living room. Visitors were not only able to experience LG’s latest home appliances either, as an elegant furniture collection by Italy’s Molteni&C, a premium furniture brand that shares LG’s passion for the essence of timeless beauty, were spread across The Villa to demonstrate the potential of tech and design when brought together in perfect harmony.​

LG SIGNATURE OLED M installed at the LG SIGNATURE booth

First to catch the eyes of visitors was the 97” LG SIGNATURE OLED M, the world’s first 4K 120Hz TV with wireless AV connection, which boasts an exceptional level of freedom that lets users place it anywhere in the room without harming the ambiance.​

LG SIGNATURE Dual InstaView refrigerator at the IFA 2023

Also at the booth, LG SIGNATURE introduced its second-generation ‘Dual InstaView
Refrigerator’ that permits users to see inside without having to open the door and waste precious cold air, preserving the freshness of ingredients to complement luxurious living.​

LG SIGNATURE Over-the-Range Microwave Oven with Smart InstaView™ and Double Oven Slide-in Range with InstaView™

But it didn’t end there, with a whole host of second-generation LG SIGNATURE products making their way to historic Berlin, including the premium brand’s Over-the-Range Microwave Oven with Smart InstaView
and Double Oven Slide-in Range with InstaView
, built-in cameras and automatic time- and temperature-setting functionality. Its aesthetically refined, advanced features certainly made a lasting impression on visitors.​

LG SIGNATURE washer and dryer at IFA 2023

The latest addition to LG SIGNATURE’s second-generation lineup, the Washer-Dryer with Heat Pump, also proved to be a major hit at IFA 2023. Featuring premium materials that make up a timeless full metal body design, exceptional performance and heightened efficiency, this two-in-one solution employs an LG’s own innovative DUAL Inverter Heat Pump
drying module that reduces drying times while saving power.​

A closeup front view of the LG SIGNATURE booth installed at IFA 2023

To stay up to date with LG’s latest lifestyle innovations, subscribe to the LG Newsroom.​

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