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  • gmenfan, I appreciate you friending me. I have attempted to "accept this invitation several times. Did it go through? My notification willl not go away.
    HELP!!! I brick my phone im ****ED!!!!!if you can here my email if u can send me the files n directions... i have no phone n no net damn i ****ed up i dont know what i did it wont let me get in to tecovery mod only factory recovery n when i reboot it just stayes on the liberty symbol.. i hope you can help me i knpw ur busy with school n work but please please please... thanks
    you have to download it from the toolbox (it may take a few so just wait)then go to the tbh app and install the hotspot patcher again like you did before
    im still rooted was trying to get back to stock but cant getting working so im staying rooted lol but that damn clock work recovery still pop up everytime i turn on my phone... lol is liberty good?
    thanks i got it back but that clockwork recovery keeps coming up there no way to put it back to factory? thanks again i got scared thought i ****ed up big time... but once again you were a big help... thank you ..
    Oh boy did I **** up I must of delete something I have no backups or restores!! I a dumb ass what do I do? Do u know of any way... my phone works superuser still on there n im still not being able to go back to factory help lol.. mad bad bro for bugging you but don't know who else to ask I think I ****ed big time.. but I hope not... thanks for your help in any way...
    Its ok just go to the market and uninstall bootstrap app....then restore your backup and unroot then go into regular recover and do a data wipe/factory reset get into stock recovery
    Power phone off
    Power back on but hold the power and home key at same time until you see an orange triangle appear then press the search key
    Now you will see your options and you scroll and select just like you did in clockwork recovery
    Go to data wipe/factory reset and select it
    Once done reboot and set your x back up
    Also you may want to delete any other root apps you have before doing this while your uninstalling bootstrap
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