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alcatel onetouch fierce

  1. JoLitt81

    Help Help! Phone keeps restarting AHHHH!!

    Alcatel One Touch fierce xl has glitch or something, it keeps restarting itself, shutting on and off. If at all possible, how do I fix it?! Even some trouble shooting advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. ryanABN82

    Root Tried EVERYTHING to root Alcatel Fierce 4

    Hello, I have an alcatel fierce 4 5056n 6.0.1 through metro pcs...for the past two weeks ive been looking for ways to root this phone and EVERY download or one click Ive tried has failed. at this point this is my last attempt looking for help...it is unlocked...set to allow unknown installers...
  3. P

    Wifi Only!

    Have the Alcatel A205G Tracfone. Only want to connect to internet for email. Do not see a way with this menu I see. Guidance sought.
  4. J

    How can I preview ringtones on the phone?

    Whooops! Am I in the wrong forum? Maybe you'll forgive this once and answer it you know the answer. I have an Alcatel One Touch Pixi Pulsar. I want to try out new ringtones that are already on the phone. Is there no way to preview them? You have to choose another without knowing what it sounds...
  5. Sleazeberg

    Help Phone reset - Invalid Password

    I have an Alcatel OneTouch phone via StraightTalk (Tracfone). I am the originally owner of this phone. I bought it new about 3-4 months ago at my local WalMart. I have used the game Google account for the last 10 years and a similar password. I put in a new microSD card, and it prompted to...
  6. R

    Help Alcatel fierce xl

    Bought phone and now it always answers incoming calls instantly. I cannot find setting where to turn this off.
  7. P

    Help Alcatel One Touch with Walmart service

    I don't know the model of the phone but it does not look like either of the Alcatel phones listed here. I bought it from Walmart with Wallie's service - aka Verizon. It is CDMA. Can I flash the memory and install a pure android? I want to be able to install other languages on it and customer...
  8. T

    Help Phone turns off by itself Problem

    Hi forums. I have this weird problem with my phone. Basically, when I shut off my phone (clicking on the power button quickly, which just turns off the display), and then turn on the display again, my phone will sometimes shut down by itself for no reason. This is really annoying because I turn...
  9. viperdink

    Root Who's left?

    Am i the only one left. I can't even give this phone away. Thanks metro anyway its still working . Can be rooted and no working recovery and can't even trade it in. Lol..
  10. M

    Root [ROM][LMY47V][5.1.1][BETA 1] AOSP/CodeAurora Lollipop-5.1.1

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3114912 [ROM][LMY47V][5.1.1][BETA 1] AOSP/CodeAurora Lollipop-5.1.1
  11. Skynet11

    Root Official Alcatel OneTouch Fierce User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Alcatel OneTouch Fierce User Manual - The official Alcatel OneTouch Fierce User Guide Read more about this resource...
  12. C

    Root one touch fierce

    I messed up and did a system update without unrooting my T-Mobile one touch fierce and now I can't access the settings the update failed so now what can I do I tried unrooting and had no results except I had to find a different root application to reroot but I still can't get the settings to...
  13. D

    dial numbers screen won't stay on

    When I call a drugstore for instance and they ask for me to enter presc num, the dialer numbers screen won't stay on. I can tilt and/or bang on number screen and it will come lit temporarely
  14. J

    Help Out of Space

    Hi, I have a customer who uses the Alcatel ONE TOUCH Fierce phone and they are constantly running out of space. We've tried moving apps to the SD card, but we are unable to do so because for every app, the "Move to SD Card" button is grayed out. We are now at the point where updates cannot run...
  15. J

    Help Wi-Fi notification

    My phone started to give me an annoying ding dong notification every time I pass a hot spot. It happens when I'm walking down the street, when I'm driving down a highway, etc. I can't figure out how to stop it. I don't want to turn off all notifications. Just this one. Does anyone know how? When...
  16. A

    Root Android Drivers for Rooting Phone

    Does anyone know where I can find the Windows 8 drivers for this phone? Trying to root it with Kingo Root as the forum suggested, but it can't seem to detect it. I also can't seem to find the drivers online.
  17. M

    Root Need a few 4.2.2 apk and files

    So it appears I made a slight boo boo... I found my old Bluetooth speaker and want to use it, only problem is... Like an idiot I delete the Bluetooth settings or w.e off of my phone so now in my settings app I can pair with the speaker but cannot activate any profiles to stream music or phone...
  18. M

    Help *HELP* Need Alcatel OT Fierce Settings and Phone App. "settings has stopped"

    Hey guys, I've had this phone a while now, I bricked my first one after a messed up update and this one was a little wonky after trying to change the boot logo, I've since fixed the issue and got my phone to work correctly for the most part but ever since programs have begun to stop working. My...
  19. aarongotgame

    Root No Root In Sight

    So, assuming because no one has replied to the two subscribed threads I have.. nobody has successfully rooted the new build and nobody has a way for me to roll back the device to an earlier build that can be rooted with either adb or framaroot
  20. E

    Swann View wont install

    A friend bought a Swann security camera system from Walmart and the Android software they supply, Swann Digiview, won't install/is not compatible? Is there is another version? Has anyone had success loading Swann security camera software on to their alcatel one touch fierce? thanks
  21. I

    Help Black Google Play Icon Borders

    Is there a fix for this?
  22. I

    Root Notification Center Glitch after xposed framework

    Does anyone know how to fix this. I rooted and installed xposed framework. After tweaking some things, I noticed this glitch. It is very subtle but bothers me. When you pull down the notification bar, in between the clock and the all clear button, it is grey - ish instead of being black all...
  23. H

    Root bricked?

    My phone is bricked, i flashed a custom recovery automade with MTK Tools and the bootloader locks the phone, how i can restore?? Reflashing the stock recovery? how i do? please help me i m too sad!
  24. aarongotgame

    Root No root 10/5/14

    There is no root available for this build: L31um11 . Nothing works. Ive tried all old methods. The end. DOUBT if anyone here can tell me different. Or find me a way to root.. Any challengers ?!
  25. J

    Help Storage issues

    Over the past couple of days storage has suddenly dropped from over 200mb to 30mg. I have deleted almost every app save for FB, CM security, CM cleaner, and a spider solitaire. I have Kindle for android with only one book on device. I refuse to use FB messenger, so that's not an issue. I have...