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asus memo pad

  1. G

    Help Tablet won't turn on?

    Is there some kind of reset process. ? The tablet worked well yesterday and is dead today. No screen , it just won't turn on, even when plugged in What to do?
  2. G

    Lost threads?

    How come I can't find my threads after they are posted?
  3. G

    Screen Breightness

    I primarily use the tablet for reading books. I can't get the screen bright enough to read in a well lit room. Hence I can't use it. I am using moon reader, usually accessed thru file manager. I used to think that the problem was reflections, but i put on an anti glare screen cover , which...
  4. Skynet11

    Official Asus MeMO Pad User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Asus MeMO Pad User Manual - The official Asus MeMO Pad User Guide Read more about this resource...
  5. R

    ASUS ME176CX

    I just purchased an ASUS ME176CX - ASUS tablets must not be too popular based on the lack of activity here in the forums? Anybody else out there have one of these? Any known issues/problems I should be on the look out for? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  6. Phases


  7. A

    Help MeMo Pad ME172V: Can't unroot/restore to stock

    Hey everybody, I've got an Asus ME172V that's rooted & has CWM Recovery installed. It's running Android 4.1.1, which I understand has security issues, so I'd like to return the tablet to stock to update both the firmware and the OS. Unfortunately, I've tried everything and I can't figure out...
  8. M

    Help Cannot read menus

    New to Android - incredibly frustrated right now. Received Memo Pad 7 today (ME176CX. For whatever reason - many of the menus are translucent, with white text. For example - in the Play Store, searching for an app, or installing an app brings up what is clearly some kind of modal window - but...
  9. S

    Help asus memo pad me172v stuck on no usb screen

    hi all my asus memo pad keeps booting to the no usb cable connected screen i accidentally did adb reboot bootloader and now i cant get it to reboot correctly i have not tried to flash anything yet but i cant get it to boot to android it seems hellbent on showing the usb cable screen now :/...
  10. B

    Help Contacts list via "send mail" voice command

    In the HD7 MemoPad (Android 4.2), launch email composer, click the "contacts" icon, and the list appears. Select a contact and that name/email address is propagated into the TO field, just as it should be. Summon "send email" via voice command ("OK Google, send mail") and touch PICK AN...
  11. G

    Help Tranferring files

    I used to transfer books via google drive. for some reason I am not able to do it again. I have GD on both the PC and Asus, installed Google drive Sync, Tried transferring via usb and still can't get there. What am I missing?
  12. M

    pictures gone in gallery but available in file mngr

    I noticed that some of my albums in asus studio and gallery were gone. But can be seen in file manager. I rebooted my tablet (I do it everytime I have a problems about photos, like having duplicated pictures. It works everytime. Everything will be back in place) And so I did. I rebooted it but...
  13. D

    Asus ME173X MicroSD slot

    The MicroSD slot in my Asus ME173X is damaged. Is it repairable? It appears to be part of the motherboard. Anyone know where I can find parts? Thanks, dlw
  14. R

    Asus Memo pad HD 7 System UI has stopped?

    Hi , i need a little help I have a Asus memo pad HD 7 ( Bought from PC world about 4-5 month ago) Problem is i rooted it and installed pimp my ROM edited the DPI settings, restarted and sometimes it boot-loops. When i factory reset from recovery it boots up and says... Android System UI...
  15. G

    Help Location Services or GPS

    I installed an app that requires location services, and I have no idea how to turn on GPS or any other service. All help I can find suggests I know a lot more than I do. How do you get in to turn it on?
  16. C

    Help wifi problems

    I have the Asus me180 8" tablet, when I connect to home wifi it caused other devices to drop connection then shortly after the tablet will also loose connection, help yes.
  17. G

    Help Delete Browsing history

    To delete browsing history, the instructions say: settings>privacy> delete Except I have no " privacy " alternative. How does this really work?
  18. G

    Help The Launcher has stopped

    I get this message, what does it mean. It seems to happen when I am struggling with Chrome.
  19. G

    Help Epub files?

    I submitted this earlier but it seems not to have worked. I am a total newbie with android, and need some help. I downloaded two books in epub format, one opens and looks right, the other opens to all blank pages. Ive tried it three times. I am working through file manager. I tried to...
  20. G

    Help Asus Memo pad hd7 touch screen no response

    Hi guys, Purchased to of these hd7 memo pads at xmas for my girls, all of sudden, no bangs ect, screen just locks up on lock screen and no response. Rotate still works, and volume up/down and stand-by button. Rang Asus uk, very rude, no interest which im quite surprised, currys 3 calls to...
  21. Diode2

    Root bootloop

    Hello, I am using a rooted Asus memo pad, hd 7, running--ran JB(4.2.1), and we have a problem. It went into a bootloop today, after installing a new font which wasn't meant for android. ( restarted it, and kept playing the animation over and over) I don't have cwm or twrp on it, as they weren't...
  22. B

    Help Candy Crush

    My wife as Asus Memo Pad HD 7, 4 days old Everything runs OK but Candy Crush The tablet will run Candy Crush if the broadband is switch off, after downloading, and will save the game when finished, when the tablet is switch off and back on again. But the game will not always run with...
  23. B

    Help charging the memo

    Bought my wife a memo for Christmas and during the setup (reading the instructions) I found that they stated that the charger should NOT be left plugged to the tablet for more than eight hours or damage could result. I ask; what piece of equipment this day and time do you have to remove the...
  24. T

    Help duplicate photos

    so i got my girl an Asus Memopad for Christmas year, and we've encountered a very perplexing problem. whenever she takes a picture with the stock camera app, it produces phantom duplicates in the gallery app. the duplicates aren't visible in any other folder or application, and even erasing the...
  25. L

    Help Sound option in settings problem

    When I go to settIngs and then sound I get a message saying Unfortunately settings has stopped. Aside from restoring to factory default using The factory data reset option in settings is there a work around or something else I can do to solve this problem? Any help would be very much appreciated.