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hp touchpad

  1. Android News

    There's now a Nougat ROM for the HP Touchpad

    The HP Touchpad is still floating around after five years and the death of webOS as a mobile OS, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have an active developer community. Folks at XDA Developers have created a Nougat ROM for the device, should you have one laying around you want to experiment with.
  2. G

    TouchPad will not turn on or charge

    About a week ago, my TouchPad would no longer seem to charge. When I plug it in, it just flashes the plug image and low battery image. I tried several fixes, including twisting the charger and holding down the power and home buttons for 15+ seconds. Then I got it to charge, but the next day...
  3. Onnie

    Reset HP touchpad keep lollipop ROM

    Hi gang, I'm new to tablets. having only owned one prior to this touchpad I had a all winner that just quit! Digitiser I think! Any how, this touchpad has Web is and lollipop how do I start over reset tablet but not lose my LOLLIPOP ROM? Reason I think I need to, is it got way low on...
  4. Tim K

    Help CM9 crashed - can I save app data before re-installing?

    So, last week the Touchpad suddenly threw up about 12 pop ups stating that random things failed to load. There were so many and I didn't really pay attention to what they were....I think one was like "calendar.init failed to load". Anyway, after OKing all of the popups, I was left with a frozen...
  5. D

    Help WebOS Support ends January 15, 2015

    OK guys, the end of support is near. Here is the official announcement: webOS Cloud Services to end January 15, 2015 Cloud services support for webOS devices will be ending on January 15, 2015. We appreciate our customer's loyalty the webOS platform. But now, more than three (3) years after...
  6. B

    Wipe HP Touchpad & Start Over - FEELING LOST

    Hi - I am feeling so lost about my problem. I have an HP touchpad that I installed Cyanogenmod on and I wiped webOS from it too. It was working okay and then suddenly it's just not working correctly. It keeps crashing a lot and a LOT of applications crash and it just seems impossible to get it...
  7. G

    Help Do I need to update CM in order to download new Android games?

    Awhile back, I installed CM (can't remember which version) so I could run Android on my Touchpad. Do I need to install the latest version of CM in order to access new Android games that have been released since then? Or will they show up in the Google Play store automatically?
  8. colchiro

    JCSullin's Touchpad Toolbox (DataMedia)

    TPToolbox replaces: ACMEInstallers ACMEUninstallers Various methods of resizing volumes (erroneously called partitions) Various methods of reflashing the A6 battery monitoring chip Various methods of completely wiping/recreating volumes TPToolbox adds: A straightforward, reliable and...
  9. Tim K

    Help Running an older version of CM - becoming unstable - what version to run and how to update

    I've had my Touchpad on CM since it was first released to beta. I stopped updating a while back, in fact I'm running CM9 20120903 nightly. I know the last release was 20130929 so there's a lot in between. Basically, all I want is the most stable release without any real issues. I don't...
  10. I

    Help Touchpad randomly shutting off when streaming videos

    Hi All, I have the last nightly build of CM9 installed on my touchpad. Recently, it has begun to automatically restart when viewing videos. I will be watching a video on a program and the video stops. A popping sound (sounds like it's coming from the speakers) is heard and then the shuts off...
  11. M

    Help newbie a bit confused about installing apps on SD card

    Gents, i do not see much activity here but ill ask. I am a brand new 16gb HP Touchpad owner. It came with android 4.3.1 installed and it looks like the smaller partition is around 1.4 or 1.5 gb in size (not sure how to tell exactly) so it's not terribly small but I'm confused about moving apps...
  12. J

    Help Noobie needs help, please!

    TP that I was able to put Android on sometime ago. I can not remember which version or even how I was able to do it, it has been so long. I want to say Ice Cream, if that means anything. I had been using the TP successfully for months. Now after a charge, it stays on the Android splash...
  13. stef7

    Help What Build to Load?

    On one of my Touchpads, I installed the August 8, 2013 build of CM10.1, the one with the working BT for the keyboard. Did the BT keyboard just not work with previous versions? On a TP I just revived, I installed CM10 12/16/2012. In some ways, I like it better than the 8/8/2013 build. I think...
  14. stef7

    Help Had to Go to the Doctor

    The thread on Tweaks and fixes is closed. Thought I would post a summary here relevant to resurrecting a TP that wouldn't boot as someone else may be late to the party. The TPs are excellent devices. Purchased a TP 16GB w/WiFi only model that was stuck on the white triangle www.palm.com/ROM...
  15. D

    CM10.1 with 3.0.72 kernel

    JC Sullins has posted for testing, cm 10.1 with a 3.0.72 kernel. Dirty installed JC's new CM10.1/3.0 kernel rom over the top of his old Bluetooth/snapshot rom. Bluetooth and the camera do not work as he has stated. Other than that, I cannot find anything else that does not work. I ran...
  16. N

    Help Memory almost full.

    I installed Lnt 10.1_0725 last night, dirty flash over another version of CM 10, Gapps at the same time, rebooted a couple times, allowing the TP to update completely. Aside from 2 issues, it seems to be running really well... 1. "Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped." 2. I'm...
  17. B

    Help backups and restore

    Here is my my question: I did a backup using clockwork mod and then installed CM10, but now I need to know how to put all my old apps back on the touchpad by a restore.
  18. R

    Justin Case 8.9 to 10" Universal Charger Case with 11,600 mAh battery

    I just got the black Justin Case Universal Charger case from QVC. It is your basic folio case/stand with elastic at the corners that can take a tablet from 8.9 to 10.1 inches. I have tested it with all my tablets and so far it works with all but the Nook HD +. It has a simple LED indicator...
  19. colchiro

    [ROM] CM 11 (kitkat 4.4) nightlies

    Very experimental. For experienced users only. [ROM] [EXPERIMENTAL] [NIGHTLY] [KitKat] [4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 nightlies - xda-developers These are datamedia builds. What is a data media device? | TeamWin Datamedia version of CWM recovery required. Advised partition layout: system - 500mb...
  20. B

    Help storage

    Sorry if this has been discussed before but I have a 32 gig touchpad running android 4.0.4 that it says I have plenty of storage space 18.80 gig on sd card but only 205 mb internal storage. My problem is when I try to install apps it says there is not enough space to install it. Is there an easy...
  21. colchiro

    New Acme installer/uninstaller being tested

    ACMEInstaller4 [Testing] and other things.. - HP Touchpad Android Development - RootzWiki It's still being tweaked but future proof and works with latest CM10.2 builds and possibly KitKat, when that comes out. The uninstaller properly removes TWRP from /boot now. I think he's on his 3 or 4th...
  22. L

    Help ACMEInstaller for Touchpad

    Hello, I cannot locate the ACMEInstaller could someone direct me to a link to download it. I am trying to add android to my touchpad for first time.
  23. S

    Help HELP. I think I destroyed my HP Touchpad!

    Hi all: First time here so please be kind!:) I just tried putting cm10.1 on my HP over webOS (first timer). All seemed to be going well. I was installing cminstall and the text was scrolling down the HP. The text stopped for about 5 minutes and I figured it was down. I unplug the USB cord...
  24. R

    Help No WiFi in WebOS Android Fine

    So I picked up a couple of used 32GB Touchpads Both were stuck at the setup screen waiting for WiFi to find a network. They would just continually scan. So I bypassed the setup, neither WiFi or Bluetooth will turn on. I tried a few fixes I found on the internet with no luck. Enable then...
  25. colchiro

    CM10.2 nightly builds/CM10.1 weekly builds

    Milaq just posted this: AFAIK, these still do not support BlueTooth. JcSullins has a lot of code to cleanup before he can add it to Git for others to use. So his 2013-08-08 build is still the latest if you need BT.