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htc explorer

  1. U

    Help Several Problems at Once

    I'm am having all of these problems with my phone right now. Not being able to download apps from Google Play Store ("Error while retrieving information from the server. [RPC:S-7:AEC-7 KP6G-FN6K-ABKNK]") Not being to access my hotmail account with the Mail application ("Authentication not...
  2. amjad92

    Root /boot directory formatted

    Hi guys, I've htc a310e. It had a problem when I turn on the Bluetooth, it restarts and then halt. No more execution from the htc logo. I ran it in fastboot mode and played with it. By mistake I formatted the /boot directory and some other directories like /cache and /data etc too. Now I turn...
  3. speem

    low storage,too little

    Sometimes I wonder HTC explorer need more internal storage even with the sdcard, still getting only maybe 5 apps and then 'you need to remove internal storage coz only 5- 20 mb left, anyone got good methods on the storage expand or devices other than sdcard? (Not urgent)
  4. J

    Help red light in front of my explorer

    Constantly draining my phone because of the red light that never turns off please help. Ty
  5. F

    Help How to install zip file apk

    How to install an application "zip file" from 'sd card' to phone
  6. F

    Help Htc explorer RAM issue

    In my htc explorer, it shows only 250MB-280MB "free RAM" without any 3rd party application running (only system apps) , in it's specs showing 418MB RAM user available , please anyone help me to get it back. There is no other problem in performance,
  7. N

    SD card accidentally removed

    I need help. I use HTC explorer A310e. I accidentally Erased my SD card via settings panel and turned off my mobile. When i switched it on a white screen appeared only with HTC written on it. I removed the battery and then inserted it again and tried to do factory reset but nothing is working...
  8. C

    How to verify SD-Ext is in use on CM 10.2

    I have just converted my stock HTC Explorer from 2.3.5 to 4.3.1 using CM 10.2, everything seems to work well. I followed all the various guides to unlock, root, install CMW Recovery and ultimately flash with Cm 10.2. Thanks to all the great information and guides on various Android community...
  9. M

    Help problem with htc explorer volume down button

    For some reason since today morning my htc explorer is behaving weirdly. volume down button is keep on pressing itself. I tried to restart the phone then it went to hboot menu. after restarting couple of more times now the phone is on but the volume down button is on keep on pressing itself...
  10. K

    Help My phone htc explore restarts itself

    Hi, please help me, i am useing htc explorer from feb-2012, from 1month onwards my mobile was restarted itself. What can i do now
  11. F

    How to Uninstall Cyanogenmod9 from HTC explorer?

    plz tell how to uninstall Cyanogenmod9 from HTC explorer?:confused:
  12. P

    Root htc explorer stuck at logo after factory reset after rooting

    I rooted my htc explorer and after that i factory reset my phone,and from then it is stuck at htc logo n does't boot!. My usb debug is off and cwm recovery is also not running. How can i install custom rom now!?. I studied that installing custom rom can solve this.
  13. H

    stuck at boot

    I have problem with my htc pico, it stucks at boot.I have cwm recovery v5.0.2.8 and when i try to wipe data/factory i have an error with sd-ext (E:/format_volume make_extf4fs faild to /dev/block/mmcblk0p2). and i have an error when i try to nount sd-ext. i think boot stucks because of this...
  14. S

    Help sd card corrupted

    I have htc explorer there is a problem with my ad card its corrupted when I insert in my mobile it ask format when I click on format it error msg comes memory card unexpectedly remove. I tried to format ad card through my computer but its not formated I use all type of formating quick format...
  15. A

    Root Rooting Explorer A310b

    Hey guys, I am trying to root my explorer A310b, but there doesn't seem to be a recovery.img file available for this model (only for A310E). Any suggestions of what to do instead? thanks heaps!
  16. D

    Help Error message in notification panel

    I keep getting this message: Unable to download Facebook data. I've cleared this message numerous times only for it to reappear. Can anyone help?
  17. M

    Root Htc explorer ruu [Error 152] image update error

    i have htc explorer,when i install cranium kernel on htc europe stock rom. my phone not booting fine and repeats quietly brilliant cycle... i think its soft bricked problem.relock bootloader again and update with Rom Update Utility at the end of process it say "[Error 152] image update error"...
  18. B

    Help Gujarati fonts

    I use HTC explorer ,it not support Gujarati fonts.so suggest me application so that I can read Gujarati fonts...
  19. P

    Help How to add call line 2 ?? HTC Explorer

    Hey, I'm using HTC Explorer and I don't know how to add call line 2. I want to be able to see if anyone else calls me while I'm talking.. so please if someone know how tell me :)) thanks :D
  20. P

    Help I cant install small apss using HTC sync. help plsssss

    whenever i install amall apps in htc sync it always says. "Installation failure. Please check if the file and ensure that there is sufficient space of the mobile for installation."
  21. jihu123

    Root Partitioned Memory Card

    Hey guys, I have just successfully partitioned my SD card a while back using minitool partition wizard and link2sd in my phone. I was damn excited to install hundreds of apps. But now, just after installing 2-3 apps. I noticed that some part of the app is still getting stored in the internal...
  22. O

    Help heeelllppp mmee please

    when i switch on my htc explorer it says ***RELOCKED*** PICO PVT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-1.01.0000 RADIO- oct 6 2011,18:52:23 FASTBOOT <VOL UP> to previous item <VOL DOWN> to next item <POWER> to select item BOOTLOADER REBOOT REBOOT BOOTLOADER POWER DOWN PLEASE...
  23. A

    Root Help : System Rest my rooted phone , can't boot now :(

    Hi All, I had rooted my phone a long time back and to clear up some memory i factory reset it. Now i am stuck on the white screen with htc logo . Please tell me what to to . When i start the phone in recovery mode this is what i get ***UNLOCKED*** PICO PVT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT - 1.00.0000 RADIO...
  24. F

    HTC explorer problem

    Hi all, I have got my htc explorer rooted a year ago till now it was working good but suddenly low internal memory started bugging me off I tried to do a factory reset and it stopped working completely even I am unable to go to my home page please help me I need to get it started ASAP. Thanx
  25. D

    No missed call notification :(

    There is no missed call notification in my HTC explorer Please help me :(