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huawei mercury

  1. B

    Root Help with the custom recovery.

    Hello folks. I hope at least some of you still own this phone, I just got mine a few days ago and I'd like to make the best out of it. PlayfulGod built a version of CWM for the Mercury, but the link to the .img (which was apparently the only link) is down. Does anyone still have a copy of the...
  2. IBreakPhonesDude

    Help Download mode?

    I remember how to do it on the mercury (Vol Up + Vol Down + Pwr; hold all), but every time i do so it either wants to go into recovery or reset the phone. Any ideas?
  3. 5

    Root question: apps, memory, SD card

    Hi, I searched through other similar threads, but couldn't find what I wanted to know. I have a rooted Huawei Mercury running 2.3.6 and I've noticed that apps installed on the SD will still have data in the internal memory, I have a 16 gig card that I've installed all my user apps to but...
  4. 5

    Help problem with camera

    Hi, Normally I don't buy used phones because there's no warranty, but desperate times, and measures and all... The camera isn't working and I'm unsure if it's a hardware or software problem. When I googled my issue, I found similar problems had occurred after rooting this phone. But the...
  5. N

    Need help please!!

    Hello everyone! I have had my Huawei Mercury for a year, and a half and I really love this phone! A few days ago I noticed that I didn't hear the unlock screen sound when I unlocked my phone, and the pop sound you hear when selecting apps was also gone. I restarted the phone, and no luck, so I...
  6. C

    Help Cricket Huawei Mercury M886 warning for replacing!

    So I turned in my Mercury for a replacement and guess what, the new one (refurbished i think) looked nice and shiny, not only did not even fix my issue (which I am not gonna go into :)- ) but guess what? I see why it was returned or refurbished and packaged into a new one. I was the unsuspecting...
  7. S

    Root folder some of the bloatware on m886 running gingerbread 2.3.6 or ugraded to ICS 4.0.3

    some of the bloatware apps were moved they are now stored in /Data/DataApp. this applies to gingerbread and ics both. I am running ics rooted. cricket is my carrier
  8. C

    Root How can I root this phone? Huawei Mercury

    So I saw somewhere that you can root a phone, i have an issue with my phone because it keeps changing from pac time to eastern time, the setting will not allow me to change it, i believe it is the model because i already replaced with another phone same model, and the new one is doing the same...
  9. C

    Did your Cricket Huawei Mercury M886 time change mess up?

    This will be easy, please let me know if your Huawei Mercury had any issues with time change, my Mercury messed up when the time changed in California, the weird thing is it goes back and forth with the right time and wrong time a few times throughout the day, my phone would show me eastern time...
  10. Z

    Help Muve SD Card

    Huawei M886 Mercury Muve Music SD SD card blank or has unsupported file system error continues to pop up I'm unable to mount my SD card. Other muve music sd working BUT not my 4GB SanDisk. Help me understand why my the SD cards aren't working properly please?
  11. J

    Root Deleted Android system by mistake and want to recover it, i need help

    I think I deleted my Android system on my phone by reseting it, now I have no android keyboard, androidhwext, bluetoothPBAP, CDMA NAM Programming, CDMA network settings, Certificate Installer, com.android.huawei.keypad.. etc etc... How can I recover or get all this back in to my phone?:confused:
  12. J

    Root Help need recovery

    I've accidentally deleted my phone Android system and I'd like to know how to get it back on my phone, I hope some one knows what I'm talking about and help me.:(:confused:
  13. S

    Root to delete apps/games/tools( already available) on m886

    How to delete apps/games/tools that were before available on huawei m886, but cannot be deleted? For example, golf and racing ( games already stored onto m886 & unable to delete).
  14. S

    Help is it possible to downgrade the firmware on androids?

    so my phone updated to a 2.3 version n now it wont support some applications, so is it possible to downgrade the version? HELP!!!
  15. K

    Help sd card blank or has unsupported filesystem

    Was downloading muve music. Woke up to message. Have reformatted,powered off, taken card out,powered back on. Still receiving problem. Huawei mercury ice m886.
  16. A

    Help huawei mercury and youcast

    I am having problems viewing a video I uploaded through youcast that I sent to my email. I sent 3 videos and only two can be viewed. I used to be able to view them all but not anymore. Help please!! I have since erased the videos from my phone so now I just have them on my email through youcast
  17. S

    Help Mercury stuck on Huawei logo

    I rooted my Huawei mercury this morning and tried to install the beats audio app from the play store. When it said that is would now reboot and since then it has been stuck on the Huawei logo. PLEASE HELP!
  18. I

    my mercury was hacked.

    My mercury was hacked. I found a personal photo on the internet that I never sent to anyone or posted. I had hotspots with Crikey for a while to my laptop also. I have used wifion my neighbors internet. I also have installed the lookout and Teamviewer apps along with goggles from Google. Could...
  19. L

    Root Will Google Play Recognize My Root

    Thinking seriously about rooting my Gingerbread phone to ICS or better. Will Google Play recognize the new operating system (probably not) and if not is there any way I can notify Google of the updated OS so I can have access to newer Apps? Thanks, Mark
  20. B

    Help help app pages

    Good Afternoon, I have Huawei Mercury powered by Cricket. I have an 16gb card in it. I have been having problems with seeing my apps passed the tenth page. In fact, I am getting a red circle with a number two in it. My question is : "is there a way to increase the number of app pages for this...
  21. J

    green horn question

    I'm kinda new to the smart phone game and was wondering if I can connect my Huawei mercury to my TV through the HDMI or component cable. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I've Looked all over and can't come up with an answer. Thanks Johny quest out.
  22. M

    Help huawei mercury external memory devices

    i bought a sprint usb/phonebackup charger model pgu2300. I bought it so that i may use this to connect to my phone and backup charge and stream a movie from this at the same time. But the way it turned out it did not turn out like i liked. i am not thinking of getting a usb female to usb...
  23. J

    Help mercury phone not hanging up

    i have a huawei mercury cell phone from cricket , when i receive a call and i am done it will not light back up to where i can end the call i either have to wait till the other party hangs up or take the battery out... is anyone elce having this issue or is there anything i can do to fix...
  24. M

    Help Handcent SMS won't update My picture

    I have Huawei Mercury and Handcent SMS. I used the regular messaging and put a picture in for "My Picture". Handcent also started showing that picture next to my text messages. Now I'm trying to change the picture and it won't change! I changed it in messaging the way I did before and Handcent...
  25. G

    deleting data dummy

    Ok PLEASE help. I want to give my phone to a friend since I bought a new one. So I did a factory reset and gave her the phone. But prior to doing the factory reset I forgot to delete my messages both locked and unlocked. She hasn't turned the phone on yet but will soon. So my question is will...