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lg optimus l3

  1. pandamaniac

    LG-E400 won't turn on

    Hello. I'm new to this forum. My LG Optimus L3 E400 has been with me for 3 years already and it's rooted. The charging port is broken so I bought a clip charger for it 2 months ago. Unfortunately, the charger broke since it was a cheap one. I wasn't able to buy another one until yesterday and...
  2. H

    Root Lg optimus L3 help needed, I've been a fool.

    Hi, new guy here I'll try and keep this short, Yesterday I foolishly tried to update my phone's official LG firmware after a notification appeared on my screen when i connected to Wifi. Now my phone is stuck in a clockwork mod recovery loop and wont boot into android 2.3.6 at all, I've tried...
  3. miksa13

    Help LG L3 booting problem

    So i had cyanogenmod 9 for some time, but then i decided to uninstal it. So i went into recovery and then tried everything to uninstal it, by factory reseting, deleting some stuff, all kinds of things that were like recovery etc.., and after nothing worked i started doing even more of the...
  4. N

    Root Kinds deleted systemui.apk

    Hi I need some help. I backedup systemui before deleting because I wanted to remove the statusbar but realised how useful it is. So I ROOT uninstalled the app and removed systemui apk and odex. It then said that systemui was not responding so I kept force quitting. Then I restarted my phone and...
  5. kylee28

    my LG L3 has internet issues

    I have an optimus LG l3 and it has issues with kicking me off my internet. it usually happens rite when I'm In the middle of something too. my internet is very slow on top of that . any ideas on how to make my internet stop crashing on me?
  6. J

    Help Data Problems

    First, I'm not 100% certain this is the right place for this phone model, it seemed to be the closest, since the exact one doesn't seem to be listed.:confused: Anyways.. I have had my LG Optimus Logic for about a month now, and have yet to be able to turn on my Data. I have no idea what to do...
  7. D

    Help Spanish?

    I have an LG L38C. Just got it activated with tracfone today. Everything was fine at first. Now, suddenly, whatever number I dial, instead of reaching my party, I hear what sounds like a prerecorded message, in Spanish, no less. Any help?
  8. K

    Help LG E400 Bricked!!!

    So the other day I got tired of the ROM on my phone, so I flashed a new one. I used ROM Manager from the Play Store to do it. I already had CWM installed, but the ROM I flashed replaced it with TWRP. Now, the wifi didn't work on the ROM, so I booted into TWRP to flash it back to the ROM I had. I...
  9. S

    Help Stuck at "Obtaining IP Address"

    Hi, My phone's wifi is stuck at "obtaining ip address". Tried the following : 1) Static Ip - connects but no internet (cannot even ping the router's ip) 2) deleted /data/misc/dhcp files - no luck 3) did factory reset 4) rebooted router/phone Any solution for this??
  10. D

    Help My phone won't root!!!

    My phone just won't root, i root it, it reboots and i use root checker and it doesn't say i have permission. I used that tool for rooting and still nothing! I need help!!!
  11. E

    Root System crashed; Stuck in CWM and going down rabbit hole!

    Hey forum. So basically, I'm an idiot. I rooted my Straight Talk Lg l38c and proceeded to remove certain bloatware and google-related bs in order to save space. Well, i deleted something important. The phone crashed, when i turned it back on it stays on the LG logo. I rebooted in CWM...
  12. chenoakai

    Help drawable-hdpi, ""-mdpi

    So i have some files gone wacky on me,if its a "virus" my cleansweep app is not finding it. If its a bug in the software i can't find any info on it... I'm new to cell phones (November 15 2013 on) but I'm not a complete idiot. So i have these new flies in my photos that are listed as...
  13. M

    LG E400 stuck on bootLoop

    hi dude what's up , can you help me please : i have an LGE 400 and i flashed many ROMs on it using CWM but i wondered to came back to the stock ROM so i downloaded the KDZ file and i turned my phone to the emergency mode and toggled the USB and using KDZ updater and during the installation a...
  14. Z

    Help Gmail crashes upon email opening, Browser crashes when started

    Hello, I have LG F3, purchased in T-Mobile and unlocked through them some months ago. Did not install android again, did not do "root" which I do not what it is by the way (but I am willing to learn, if it is recommended to solving the issue follows), did not succeed in uninstalling the...
  15. K

    Need help with my LG optimus L3

    Hi I am having problems with my phone... 1: The phone is slow and takes ages to load my messages and my contacts. 2: my internet takes ages to load when i go on to different pages when it is on wifi 3: My internet doesnt work when it is using data. 4: My phone sometimes lets me recieve and...
  16. B

    Lg l38c

    When i try to go on Google account it sends me message Can't connect to server
  17. B

    Help I really need help!!!

    When i try to update my software i get "Could not connect to update-server. please check network connection and try again" But i an already connected on my wireless connection.I would really appreciate if anyone could help me! :):)
  18. cougar214

    Help cant access files

    Hey guys. I apologize in advance if I'm in the wrong section. I'm not sure about this phone. My wife has a cheap Lg android phone, model lgl35g, and there are files I cannot access at all. There is a folder called "auto back-up" in her gallery that I cannot do anything with. It wont let me view...
  19. paha

    Help Need help with phone turning on

    Hey guys. I got LG Optimus L3 II E430 and just got stuck today. First of all i was using kdz upd to get better rom. So i wasn't happy with that rom which i got because there was E425. Secondly i though why i don't install cynogenmod so i tryied to get it via rom manager with clockworkmod...
  20. M

    Help Won't turn on

    Recently I cleared the caches of apps that I use. After I cleared them my phone started to overheat and freeze so I took the battery out to cool down. When I reinserted the battery my phone came on and small words appeared saying "fast boot mode" so I took the battery out again. When I put the...
  21. S

    Root root l38c with poot apk

    Guys I'm very new at this but it seems its in my blood I've got an lgoptiit it rootedmus zip think I've. Got it rooted not sure used the poot-debug apk its doing pretty good it flasshed a bunch during and I'm able to use it better than ever I just don't. Think I finished all the way or something...
  22. P

    Help Unlock screen problem

    My wife has the lg l38c and she loves it but a couple days ago she hit the power button to turn off the screen and when she went to unlock her phone the screen wouldn't do anything. We've taken the battery out multiple times and it will work first time she swipes the screen but the when the...
  23. P

    Help phone

    My phone has been on the charger for 12 hours and it still wont work. why? :mad:
  24. Roo75

    Help Help

    I just got this phone a few weeks back. Then one morning i pluged in the headphones and the phone decteded them but all the audio goes through the speaker can anyone help. thanks
  25. S

    Help Where can I get LG E400 stock android ROM?

    Last year my E400 running stock ROM froze when I tried to use the built in update feature. I left it for a while but nothing responded. I eventually powered off and on but it wouldn't boot into android. I should probably have sent it back for a replacement, but instead I found that I could get...