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micromax a52

  1. Manoj210891

    Root Micromax A52 Original Stock ROM..(New Version)

    MMX A52_Release Version Details A52_V2---Email forward issue is fixed 1. Download LINK A52_0201_T1315.zip ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A52_V3---CB issue is fixed 2. Download LINK A52_0201_T1322.zip...
  2. Z

    some apps not working over home wifi

    Up until a couple weeks ago everything was great, but lately when connected to my home network I can't download apps from the Play store, my facebook app won't load, and the Youtube app won't load, maps wont work, gmail app wont load new mails. Pandora, Twitter, Browser all work. Everything...
  3. Sakib

    Root UI Mods For Micromax A52/Symphony W5

    Hello ! Now many of you Guys Have the Micromax A52/Symphony W5 , Which does not have any Custom ROMs or Other MODS ! :/ So i decided to Make one myself ! *I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE IF YOU TURN YOUR PHONE INTO A BRICK, OR IF IT GOES BOOTLOOPING* Requirements* *A Phone *CWM...
  4. J

    Root SIM Management service failed after Restoring ROM.

    Please help me out of this problem, I have made a serious problem in my phone. I have two MMX A52 one of mine and other is my dad's phone. I have rooted my phone and uninstalled some of system apps(facebook, Gmail, etc which are safe to remove). Then I had made a backup of my system using...
  5. A

    can Micromax a52 become unusable after rooting

    Can my Micromax a52 become unusable in the near future after rooting?
  6. sahil11

    Root [CWM] CWM 6 Based Recovery For Micromax A52

    ClockWorkMod on Micromax A52 Aisha Downloads You will basically need the following things to install clockworkmod on Micromax A52. 1.SP Flash Tools 2.MTK VCOM Drivers. 3.Scatter file for your device. 4.CWM6 recovery.img Download Sp Flash Tools...
  7. vijay4vision

    Device driver is not updating

    Hi all, I am trying to connect my mobile with ADB. I am following billow way How to move almost all Android apps to SD card (no root required) I was downloaded SDK & USB drivers also. I am using Windows XP PC. when i connect my mobile to PC in debug mode, new hardware found popup is...
  8. arnabghosh

    Root custom rom for a52

    guys...plz make custom rom for a52
  9. mastermind1024

    Root Make RomDump of MT6573/MT6575 device

    I am explaining how to get romdump of the device. You must be rooted to use this method. Download: BackupTool Note: Use my username as pw to download file. Download above zip file and extract its contents to /sdcard root. Apply following commands via ADB or Terminal Emulator to get...
  10. mastermind1024

    Root How to Root Micromax A52

    By this time, many users may get rooted but there is no tutorial for that in androidforums so posting here. Plus, I have modded original boot.img of A52 myself and added init.d support plus support for initializing ext2,3,4 modules on boot. DOWNLOADS: 1) Unsecured boot.img (zip contains...
  11. kartikoli

    Help Phone stuck on boot screen

    I have rooted my phone and use Root uninstaller pro to freeze some apps and now my phone doesnt boot to desktop Its stuck after boot animation i think its because of the 'micromax app store launcher' which i freezed
  12. A

    Displaying one contact for two similar number with one digit difference

    I have two cell numbers e.g. First - 8714132148 & Second - 8814132148 saved with different names i.e. 'First' and 'Second' respectively in my contact list but when I get call from any one number mentioned above, it displays the name of only first one i.e. First 8714132148 or First 8814132148 as...
  13. D

    Problem facing using android weather application.

    I have Micromax A52 Android OS 2.3 mobile. Since Last two weeks I am facing my home screen time and weather widget problem. It shows time is right but weather is not shows when I click it shows "weather update failed: cannot read from server". Please help me.
  14. I

    how to take screenshot

    please guide me how to take screenshot of a52 thanks a lot
  15. V

    Root Rooting required for A52

    Hi, I found a 2.3.6 ROM for FLY IQ235 which is exactly same as Micromax A52. Can anyone please help to create the unsecured boot.img from the above. If required, I can even extract the boot.img from the zip file and post as a separate link. Link: DepositFiles
  16. P

    How to change the default memory to SD card in Micromax a52

    how to choose the default storage in micromax a52. i don't see such option in a52. the phone does not show the option of move to sd card for all the downloaded apps. Plz help. How to change the default memory to SD card in Micromax a52
  17. V

    Help accidentally replaced Apps list icon from dock in home screen.

    accidentally replaced apps list icon from home screen dock(bottom 5 icons) how do i view apps list now? how to replace this icon again with apps list? please help.
  18. K

    Help micromax a52 airtel internet settings

    I'm not able to receive airtel gprs setting on aisha52... bsnl too... Please help somebody. I did that by manual. but the browser says no active internet settings...
  19. 1

    Root How can I get a52 usb drivers

    It is a mtk 6575 phone I am
  20. A

    Micromax A56 Rooting Tutorial

    EDIT : I posted this rooting tutorial here in A52's forum because that time there was No forum for Micromax A56, but now there is one and here it is. http://androidforums.com/micromax-a56/ Guys I have finally rooted my Micromax A56. Here's the tutorial :- 1. Download Micromax A56 drivers from...
  21. V

    Help Help me out..How to Disable Camera app in Micromax a52?

    My workplace doesn't allow cameras. I newly Bought Micromax aisha a52 gingerbread2.3.6. In that phone i want to disable the camera app. Help me out..plz Is there any rooting techinques to disable the camera app..plz help me
  22. kartikoli

    Root How to Root Any Android Device Manually

    This is not my tutorial and i have not tested this on my phone so please dont ask me for troubleshooting the link of the original poster is given at the end of the post and all credit goes to him. I am just posting here so that fellow members can make use of this tutorial Requirements and...
  23. S

    Root How to safely Root Micromax A52????

    hey Guys......pls tell me how can i root my Android 2.3.6 Micromax A52 :( ?? m vry much lukng forward to u all...... will b w8ng for ny reply on dis bye TC :confused:
  24. S

    Gtalk for Micromax A52

    can sum1 help me get gtalk for micromax A52????
  25. Metroid Prime

    Root A52 - All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you...