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micromax a70

  1. techie_28

    Help Micromax bolt a27 vibrates endlessly on startup.

    Hello, Sorry if Im posting in a wrong place. I have MicroMax bolt a27 which buzzes infinitely when started up showing nothing on the screen.I was trying to restore it when mistakenly I ran a fastboot to flash the system partition with recovery.img after which it started to show this problem. I...
  2. E

    i sold my A70 for 2500 and purchased karbonn titanium s1 plus

    hi friends.i sold my A70 for INR 2500 and purchased karbonn titanium s1 plus for just INR 5629.this is really awesome device guys.build quality is premium and with 1gb of ram and 1.2 gHz qualcomm chipset the device rocks.good bye micromax.
  3. R

    Help Micromax A70 hangs

    Hi, I have tried to install a custom rom in A70. But while doing that, i format every partition. Now i installed ICS rom. But when restarts, it just shows micromax boot screen and it is not booted. Could anyone help me in this
  4. E

    Root any new ROM?

    anyone creating any new ROM?
  5. Manoj210891

    Help Micromax A70 Original Rom..

    MMX A70 Original Rom MMX_V16 --- Download LINK - BDLT_W601T2_HW03_SW20_20110610_user.rar Driver for A70 --- Download LINK - W601T2_Micromax_Android_USB_Driver.rar Software Update Process --- Download LINK - Software update process.docx ENJOY:) HIT LIKE BOTTON :thumbup: NOTE: I am NOT...
  6. H

    Root [HELP] Rom Problem

    guys i m having problem with this crap.. only THE ONE rom is working.. other roms are stuck at micromax logo after the flash power button is broken so i use RZ recovery please help asap..
  7. U

    Help Factory Format Android Phone - A70

    Hello, I would like to do Factory format of my A70 using the code *2767*3855# I have never done this activity before, below are my queries - What happens when Factory Format is done? - Do I have to take the backup of my SD card? - Does the Factory Format erase all my data from SD card? The...
  8. D

    Root Need help urgently ....

    :(Im using this phone for the last two years. the phone is rooted and i had installed cwm recovery, im on hybrid v3 rom ( thanks to cool gautham ). last month i reflashed cwm recovery through rom manager . it says that i have successfully flashed cwm recovery . but after that i cant enter...
  9. Androidshek

    Anybody Selling this phone?

    Hey Guys, I want to fix my a70... My touch is not calibrated and it's annoying... I just want to know whether it is the touch or the board or something else.... Broken phones are also acceptable... Interested Guys please rply...
  10. soumyo acharya

    Root Can you suggest me a ROM for A70 ?

    Plz Some 1 give me best rom 4 micromax a70
  11. Lks Lks

    Root Debian_V4 Supports ARMv6 and hence A70 !

    i have already asked about Ubuntu and Debian will work on our device but no one replied me.:p just trying some thing new i found debian installed successfully in a70 and working like mini PC...:D EDITED:- Quick and Easy to install.... Ubuntu or Debian.. Linux Deploy...
  12. ninadchaudhari

    The prominent Touch screen problem

    Hi , Seems there is everyone with the touch screen problems in the a70 screens lately !! I had the same and still the phone is in the service centre ... For me , that problem happened after no where with unlocking the screen ! Nothing at all ! As far as the experiences go , the problem...
  13. H

    Root [Ask] convert file system type : system, data, cache from yaffs2 to ext2 ; may be boost performance

    is there any way to convert file system type : system, data, cache from yaffs2 to ext2 ; may be boost performance a70. In single zip file via cwm. ? How it works ? : (THIS NOT FOR MMX A70) (Caution for example only) 1. [RFS2EXT] system/data/cache in an update zip! [RELEASED] -...
  14. Lks Lks

    Root Internet_Booster_Tweak

    HI to everyone here i founded internet booster tweak and tested in a70 (Hybrid v3) rom its 2G Net work like 3G amazing browsing speed, improved downloading speed... i want to share with everyone here,so i created flashable zip. flash this zip in CWM recovery, may it will work in all custom rom...
  15. Lks Lks

    Root Market_Applications_Games _Enabler

    Now you can enable different country's Google play store apps and games in your country you can download apps games. Note: Paid version will be always paid. Note: Application need superuser permission. Download link below... http://db.tt/M1hnPPlJ...
  16. I

    Root Installing & running ARMv7 apps/games on mmx a70

    Well, I was trying to install & run ARMv7 games on this phone. Searched thousands sites, guides and forums, lol. Some stated that they're able to play armv7 games on armv6 devices. Specially samsung galaxy y. I'm currently on 1> Hybrid v3 assume to be fastest Rom, tried to install...
  17. A

    Help Remove lock

    Help me to remove the lockscreen..... because i can't even unlock my phone as touch is not working in the swiping region...... please.....
  18. I

    Root All about rooting & playing armv7 games

    First off, I don't have computer atm. I have few question related to the title. 1. Can I root my phone through any app, if yes how much safe it is? I heard about brick so can it get bricked? then phone totally unusable? 2. After rooting can I play armv7 games? if yes is it practically...
  19. M

    Help Touch all messed up

    hey guys, even my a70's touchscreen stopped working all of a sudden and now i want the contacts very badly as they are very important and gmail has only few of my contacts..so plz help me out and suggest an idea to pull out all d contacts from my phone... P.S: Touchscreen is not at all working.
  20. Androidshek

    Help Touch all messed up

    Today I woke up with a messed up touch screen... i didn't do nothing...not installed any app or do s*** with the ROM...:mad: And, this is the second time...first time i was in warranty. Uploaded a vedio: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0BzJd5Ca5OlI3MGtnbG1kSnR3RGM/edit
  21. R

    not able to uninstall pre-installed apps(Micromax A-70 ,Android 2.2.1.).

    not able to uninstall pre-installed apps.i.e netqin anti-virus.MunduTV,Ebuddy Massanger etc. Iwant to uninstall them and install another apps. would you please help me. Micromax A-70 ,Android 2.2.1.
  22. R

    Help touch points reversed

    Hi guys my mmx a70's touch points reversed recently when i am charging the mobile . My mobile is out of warranty . What shld i do???????????? when i touch at the upper part of the screen the selection is done at bottom part and right touch as left . plz help me guys
  23. varun.chitre15

    Root [ROM][WIP][Unofficial] CM7 from source|Testing round #3 begins!!

    ****Advanced users only**** Hello everyone, I have built CM7 for our A70 from CyanogenMod sources after lots of changes in the device tree Test round #2 will begin today probably, the build is around 80mb I won't be flooding this post with features so as to maintain the cleanliness of...
  24. manish9009

    Which is the Best Voice assistance for a70 (Siri)

    Hello All, Can any one suggest the voice assistance app for a70. I have tried vringo, Voice assistance and many other. Quite a long time I am posting back. Great to see this A70 section still alive.
  25. varun.chitre15

    Root [DEV] Kernel Source for board msm7627 is released

    Hello, many of you are surprised by seeing this but yes it has happened. In last few days(months actually) I was roaming around codeaurora and recently they have opened out kernel sources of msm7627 (froyo branch). This is indeed a surprise to see a light of hope again to rewake the development...