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motorola defy plus

  1. M

    Root Help for a newbie? Froze the wrong thing...

    Hi, I hope this is a good place to post my question. I recently rooted my motorola defy+ (mb526). I was messing around freezing unwanted apps with app quarantine and have frozen something is causing the home screen to crash with this error "The application Home (process com.motorola.home) has...
  2. N

    Help Bricked defy plus

    I tried to root my defy plus and not going through the steps properly i didnt wipe the phone(first time trying to root a mobile) and rooted my phone using RSD lite. Although it says the rooting is succesful the phone doesnt turn on neither does it go to bootloader. However when joining to a...
  3. S

    Call recorder

    I installed in my Defy+ many call recorder apps but none of them records both parties. Can you recommend one? Please note that I am a newcomer. I am not familiar with the technical secrets of cellular phones and I can perform only standard operations.
  4. R

    Custom DNS for mobile network

    Hi, Does anyone know how to set up DNS for mobile networks without an app? It must stick after reboot. I have a Defy+ (MB526), rooted, and no other modifications. Thanks in advance. Regards
  5. S

    Ask root motorola mb 526 dfp-231

    Please Help Me I want to root Motorola Defy + mb526 I've tried superoneclick software, doomlord's, root_unroot v1.5, and Gingerbreak but to no avail Model number: MB526 Android version: 2.3.6 Baseband version EPU93_U_00.60.03 Kernel version
  6. V

    Not able to make calls, H symbol not shown when the phone is in Pocket, screen lock

    1. Whenever I made call, first it got disconnected immediately. After 3 or 4 attempts only I could make any call. 2. Frequently the 3G connectivity lost. Then I had to tap Data enable (thru settings menu) to enable it. 3. I need to charge the handset too often (the battery not last for 3 hrs).
  7. D

    save my phone

    Hi guys I'm new to android forums.consider me dumb. I hate my laggy 2.3.6 Defy+ brutally....AND I KNOW NOTHING HOW TO ROOT......PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME EACH STEP BY STEP AND PROVIDE ME KNOWLEDGE ABOUT COMPLETE ROOTING AND OVERCLOCKING???? AND ALSO HOW TO USE A ROOTED PHONE??? from decent family...
  8. N

    Help Motorola Defy+ language peoblems

    Hello to all, I'm new to this forum, hope you may help me. somehow, suddenly, the keyboard on my Defy+ (2.3.6) won't switch between languages. I'm using English and Hebrew, but can not switch between them. When I use the default keyboard it appears in English. When I use any of the...
  9. Y

    Help kewboard in motorola defy+

    i have a motorola defy+ phone and i have a keboard issue. i have multi touch kewboard as defualt an its graet but it has no hebrew which i need. so i downloaded other kewboard like a.i.type keboard and multiling kewboard and if i dont put one of those kewboard in use and if im not writing...
  10. Z

    Help One Week Old phone charing stuck at 90%

    I got a Motorola defy plus one week ago, phone is working perfectly but phone is not charging to 100% , it gets stuck at 90% all the time. Tried charing with wall charger and through usb, also tried charging after turning off the mobile with a wall charger but its not getting past 90% . I am...
  11. D

    Help When 15% battery low, the phone vibrates

    My current sound settings are Silent Mode enabled and Vibrate ALWAYS is selected. However, when my battery life level get to 15% or so, the phone starts to vibrate and it did in the middle of the night while I was asleep and its very annoying. I want my my incomimg calls on vibrate mode, but...
  12. P

    I got scratch on screen

    i bought my defy plus on last of august, after 1 month i got scratch on screen, i wanna know that is it covered in warranty or not
  13. S

    Help Issue with CONTACTS on my DEFY plus

    Hi Everyone , I have purchased MOTOROLA DEFY PLUS two month back . I'm facing a problem with "CONTACTS" on my phone . The contacts list takes a while to open first and it takes ages to search a contact . Where as other smartphones instantly pick the contacts , where my phone takes almost 10-12...
  14. D

    Root How to root Defy Plus (MB526)

    How to root Defy Plus (MB526) 1. Charge your phone for at least 50%. 2. Install Motorola USB Drivers on your Windows PC. 3. Install RSD Lite (i used version 5.7). 4. Get SBF's from step 2 and 4 at...
  15. A

    Help gprs issue

    I've problem with my defy plus gprs connection. The connection sometimes lost without any notification. After restarting the phone the problem usually resolves. I contacted the service provider and they have no issues from their side. Is it normal by restarting the phone to get the connection...
  16. V

    Help camera does'nt work in other apps

    Hey guys, Just got my hands on a Defy Plus, it's running CyanogenMod 9. Now, the camera on it self is working fine, that is with the app it came with. Other apps like instagram and camscanner work fine too, But most apps i try to run, that need a cam (barcode scanners, joke photo makers...
  17. C

    Help help.... my defy plus keeps locking itself

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has any tips... I have had my defy plus for around 6 months and during the last 2 months it has what I call whammy days. Randomly during use it will just lock itself I'll unlock it again and straight away it locks itself I can have this war for hours, sometimes...
  18. J

    Lack of text delivery reports.

    I have a Motorola Defy+ and am using the same T-Mobile SIM as on my old non-smartphone. I always liked getting "Text Delivery" reports that let me know the message had gone through. Since this did not happen I started using Handcent's APP. I still can't get these notifications - (My message is...
  19. A

    Should I buy Defy Plus?

    Hi friends! I am thinking to buy Motorola Defy Plus. Should I buy it? I am satisfied by its specs but I've read on many places that it REBOOTs by itself. Is it true? Also, please suggest any better phone in same price range, if any available. Thanks :)
  20. G

    Help lost internet connectivity

    I downloaded Watchdog app and bought a new data bundle at about the same time. Now I don't have any internet connectivity. I'm not sure if it's a data problem with my provider (they say not) or a bug in the app that upset things. I have uninstalled the app but still no go. Any help out there?
  21. U

    Built in sensors in phone

    Hi All, What sensors built in, into Motorola DEFY+? What is working perfectly of course. Here is all of them: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Light, Magnetic Field, Orientation, Pressure, Proximity, Temperature.
  22. M

    Help Can not find photo location after changing SD Card

    Hi all, this is my first post on this site. I have just put a 32gb sd card into my motorola defy plus. Before this I have the standard 2gb and all my photos went straight into the DCIM file. Now, when I take photos I have no idea where they are going. I have 2 questions........ 1. Where are...
  23. Screech

    Help Screen broke, replaced now captive buttons not working...

    OK, wife dropped the phone from her pocket some weeks back and the screen scattered. I ordered a screen said to be for the MB526. I put packing tape on it for her to get by with until the new screen arrived and I could install it. Got the screen last week and today got time to install it...
  24. R

    Help MTP Device (cannot install this hardware)

    I have a Motorola Defy+, when I connect it to the PC via USB it starts up the Motorola Media Link program and a 'New Hardware Found' window appears. If I click on install new hardware it trys to install then I get the following message :- MTP Device, Cannot install this hardware - system...
  25. R

    Help How to select default home screen?

    I have a Motorola Defy+, I can swipe between 7 home screens but obviously only one of them is the default which is shown when I hit the Home button. If I hit the home button twice than all seven screens are shown as thumbnails with the default one indicated by a blue border. My question is, how...