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samsung galaxy w

  1. A

    Root can not restore the old firmware

    Hello all, i have problems with my galaxy w I8150 i have flashed a custom firmware (jellybean) by Odin and when i wanted to restore the old official firmware , the problems happened: -the Odin froze in '"setupconnection" then failed -the phone restarts automatic and not stops -cant...
  2. H

    Help I accidentally clicked on "don't show this message again" on the wizard page when i connected my pho

    I accidentally clicked on "don't show this message again" on the wizard page when i connected my phone to my PC.? Now when i connect my phone via USB to my PC nothing happens. My PC does not recognize my phone and i no longer see that wizard page. How can i have it back? ...or how can i make...
  3. J

    Default Alarm Download

    So I have a Blackberry Bold, but my friend has a Galaxy W. I've heard her alarm go off a couple times, and I really like the ringtone. She is about two hours away for school at the moment, so I was wondering if anyone could post a link to a download of the default alarm sounds? I really want to...
  4. K

    Help Samsung Galaxy W wifi problem

    Since yesterday randomly mu phones WiFi stopped working, and now it keeps connecting and disconnecting it self after every 5 seconds and every time i go on the settings the phone freezes causing me to restart it again. I do not know what to do please help! :confused:
  5. R

    Help Can't turn on Wifi

    Hello, My Galaxy W's wifi won't turn on. Error in the catlog stack such as: 01-10 19:36:47.531 E/WifiHW (165): DRV_AP_MODULE_ARG. 01-10 19:36:47.531 E/WifiHW (165): WIFI_CONF_PATH. /system/etc/wifi/wifi.conf 01-10 19:36:47.531 E/WifiHW (165): DRIVER_MODULE_PATH. /etc/wifi/dhd.ko...
  6. M

    Help poor quality when recording using video

    hello im having problems with recording video with my phone the quality is poor and i cant see the words when im recording....pls help:confused:
  7. N

    Help Random, annoying home screen

    Every now and then, I get this weird screen when I press the home button on my Galaxy W. The only way to exit this screen is to press the back button. Sometimes pressing the home button again will bring me back to this screen. The first few times it did this, it prompted me to run it through...
  8. P

    Help My "Samsung Galaxy W T679M" fails to install apps to sd card.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy W T679M. My carrier is Bell. I used to have an 8gb micro sd card installed on my phone. i was always able to move my apps to it as i pleased, some apps even automatically downloaded to the sd card. I just recently bought a new 32gb micro sd card and now when i want to...
  9. Q

    Root can

    Hi, first sorry for my bad English. I have rooted my Wonder I8150, Odin-CM10-Jelly Bean 4.1.2, and now I have the problem that I can not sync with Kies -sync function just keep running round all the time, and Wonder and kies will never find each other - how I get to find each other???
  10. J

    Help Boot-loop!

    My Samsung W seems to be stuck in a boot loop. It'll only load to the black screen that says "SAMSUNG" in white letters. When I stick it on the charger it'll show the battery with the rotating circle but that screen is also in a loop. I am aware of the power button issue with Samsung...
  11. R

    Android 4.2.2 JB Downgrade to 2.3.6 GB for Galaxy W GT-I8150

    Hi All, Good Day! I have an upgraded Android 4.2.2 for my Samsung Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150 but somehow I just don't like the way the battery drains faster. I would like to revert back the changes I did, I want to downgrade back to 2.3.6 Gingerbread. I used Odin when I upgraded my phone to...
  12. T

    Root Tilt sensor is off. Can I calibrate?

    I just installed Ridiculous Fishing and noticed that my tilt sensor (gyro?) is not working properly. When my phone is flat the game thinks its tilted to the left. I have to tilt my phone to the right so much just to compensate and get the center point correct. Is there a fix for this?
  13. S

    Galaxy W service mode

    Hi all together, I want o increase the volume of my mic. Therefore i want to go in the service mode. I
  14. E

    Help I cannot get Gmail calendar to sync with calendar on phone.

    I am desperately trying to get the Calendar on this phone to sync with my Gmail calendar but it keeps telling me that I can't. Everytime I try to create an event on the phone it says "Google calendar cannot sync with Samsung Kies. Use My calendar to sync with Kies". Is there any way round...
  15. F

    Help Samsung galaxy W issue connecting to home wifi

    If have samsung Galaxy W which is not connecting to home wifi. All android phones including HTC, Samsung S2 and my lenovo laptop are connecting. All phones including Samsung W is connecting to my other wireless internet cloud so that means the W's wifi has no issue but W is not connecting to...
  16. I

    [ROM][4.2.2] AOKP jb-mr1

    Unofficial AOKP rom for the galaxy W. Totally vanilla expect I've included ad free version of my app Usemon, it's only for this rom,installing on other roms or devices is not allowed. Ad version can be found here or here. Installation: Note: You are installing this at your own risk...
  17. B

    Help (new) battery discharges very quickly

    I would normally get at least 2 days of battery life no problem. Then one morning I woke up and my phone was dead even though it just had a full charge the night before. I thought that was strange. I recharged it and noticed that it was taking forever to recharge. Like a couple p% every...
  18. L

    Help Version Upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded this phone from Gingerbread? If so which is the best version? I don't want to lose the option to store apps on my SD Card.
  19. G

    Help Much problems

    Hello! Sorry if my english is bad, but in the Netherlands I can't find very much about my phone. About one year ago, I bought the Samsung Galaxy W and from the start I had some problems, but that were little problems. Sometimes the phone didn't react anymore when I was in my Photoalbum, but...
  20. bonnyblink

    Help Galaxy W mail not arriving from an iPhone

    Bizarre............I can receive emails from some people who use iPhones but not one particular friend. His main email account is ntworld but uses a bigfoot.com link so I wonder if that is the issue? :confused: Any comments will be most welcome. Thanks DS
  21. D

    Help Android turns off after watching 2 videos/stream...help?

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy W. It's updated to the last version and two days ago all the sudden when I watch Youtube videos/streams in shutdowns auto. Is my battery dead? I can only watch videos for like 30/50 minutes straight, but I can use Facebook/Skype for like 3 hours straight with no...
  22. C

    Help Automatic date/time setting

    Has anyone got the Automatic date/time setting to work. I was suspicious that mine didn't so I set the time to a few minutes fast and then turned on the "Automatic" setting hoping that it would correct itself. A week later, the time is still a few minutes fast. I am on the Three...
  23. B

    Help Galaxy Wonder Turning OFF

    Hi All, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Wonder 2 Months back. Yesterday onwards its turning off itself. I installed very few apps only like skype and fring. it didn't show any problem yet, but yesterday onwards it is happeneing often. I tried turning off Wifi also. but still its happening. Any...
  24. W

    Root Phone is driving me nuts! Please help!

    galaxy W with CWM and CM10 phone will not boot to CM10 - just sits at spinning logo and doesnt go anywhere Have flashed to CM9 - does the same thing If I try to boot to bootloader (odin) via CWM, it hangs - so cant flash to stock Can anyone help? Have tried 'pristine' reinstall - makes no...
  25. W

    Root Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150

    Hi guys, I'm new to android but I understand that the first thing to do with an android phone is to flash it with a suitable ROM. So where better to ask such a question than here. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150 and it needs to run a lot smoother for my taste. The...