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viewsonic viewpad 10

  1. M

    Help More disc space

    Hi everyone. I just installed a 120gb hard drive in my Viewsonic 10 vpad. I am running Windows 7 and Android 4.0. Everything is fine on the Windows side with 110gb showing out of 120gb. but on the Android side I only see that there is only 510mg of space for it. I don't know how to allocate more...
  2. J

    Help How to Root & Install Google Play in my new "Viewsonic N1010"... PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hi Friends, few weeks ago I bought ViewSonic N1010 model in China and it comes without Google Market (Play). I'm now with the challenge to find a way to root it. I've got no knowledge about rooting the device... Kindly i request to help me... PLEASE!!! I've already tried installing Google...
  3. P

    ViewSonic N1010 10.1?

    Is this tablet the same as the 10e? In general, what kind of reputation does Viewsonic have for tablets? I know that once upon a time they were #1 in computer monitors...but don't know anything about their tablets.
  4. X

    Help Help for non-tech person needed

    Hi all, Just bought a refurb Viewpad 10s but cannot get the little devil to connect to my home WiFi. Done everything right but just scans and disconnects every time. It will pick up BThot spots ok but I don't want to have to pay for use when I'm already on Wifi. Any ideas how I get this to...
  5. G

    Help Viewpad 10s - Flash Player

    Hi, i'm using the Vegacomb VC 3.2 Build 9n Update3 and everything runs well. Only the flash player won't run neither in the Standard- nor in the Dolphin-Browser. I've wasted hours in reading and testing but nothing worked so far. Is there anybody who can use Flash with this pad ? Thanks for...
  6. T

    Help viewpad 10e boot loader

    hi i am trying to get my viewpad 10e into boot loader mode so i can run the ics update but i cant get it to work i am holding the volume - button and the reset button for 3 seconds but doesnt work anyonme else done this ore know what im doing wrong please
  7. I

    Help having problem with flashing ViewPad 10s

    hi when i'm flashing my ViewPad 10s end up with this error (attached file) the firmware i was writing : ViewPad_10s_v1.09_firmware_update.zip
  8. L

    how connect viewsonic 10s ice cream to huawei E173

    i have a viewpad 10 s tablet and i upgrade his OS to ice cream version to resolve the touch screens problems ... everything its ok now ... after that i take a huawei e173 modem and try to connect my tablet via that to the internet ... but my tablet refused to see the modem when i go to APN...
  9. Metroid Prime

    Viewsonic ViewPad 10 FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. 1. Forum related questions. 2. Where is the Play Store app? 3. How can I improve the battery life of my Viewsonic...
  10. A

    Help Please help me problem ViewPad 10s

    i have the ViewSonic ViewPad 10s. the problem is that when ι picked from the main menu the selection (Erase all content and settings : The function will clean your image to be the same as factory setting, all of your own applications will be deleted). the result was totaly black screen...
  11. Metroid Prime

    Root ViewPad 10 - All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if...
  12. W

    Root Any rom I have installed/Navionics not compatible!

    I have installed the tegav2 roms (2.2, 2.3, 3.2 and 4.0) and whatever one i try when i go to google play the store says incompatible with the device. I run the app on my HTC Desire S fine. I want to use the VP10 as a chart plotter on my small boat but need to get navionics working. I will...
  13. J

    Help Viewsonic Viewpad 10. Need help

    Hi everyone, I have a viewpad viewsonic 10 and i've been trying for a while to install the android 4.0 but whithout success. I corrently have the android 2.2 and windows 7. I use this steps of installation: 1- Use unetbootin to pass the files whithin the iso to a pen drive; 2- Run the...
  14. J

    Help Viewsonic Viewpad 10. Need help

    Hi everyone, I have a viewpad viewsonic 10 and i've been trying for a while to install the android 4.0 but whithout success. I corrently have the android 2.2-1.6 and windows 7. I use this steps of installation: 1- Use unetbootin to pass the files whithin the iso to a pen drive; 2- Run the...
  15. H

    Help honycomb or ISC 4.0

    can anyone tell me how i can get honycomb or ISC 4.0 on my viewpad 10. it runs now on 2.3
  16. S

    Root Which ROM to choose - Viewpad 10s

    I recently got a Viewpad 10s with HoneyIce 3.2.7 on it. Then i thought i should try another rom so i installed ViewCOMB 3.2 but it is a little laggy. The guy i bought it from, told me that the most satble rom is Corvus5. 1- I would like some help to choose which rom to install. I don't want...
  17. C

    Help Shuttle Tool for Android 3.2

    Hi, I purchased what is called on eBay a Venus Pad Android 3.2 Honeycomb nVidia Tegra2 Tablet PC. I'm supposed to open the Shuttle Tools application to enable USB use, but unfortunately I do not have the Shuttle Tool on this tablet. The eBay seller insists it should be in the Apps but it's...
  18. H

    Help remove toolbar

    please, can somebody tell me how i can remover the toolbar at the bottem of the screen?:confused:
  19. J

    Help wifi in win7

    Hi guys, I'm not being able to access wifi in win7 (as if non-existent)- can anybody confirm if this is as should be or is a defect, in my new tablet? (this means that under Android, it works fine). Thanks, jjas60
  20. C

    Root All Apps to SD (with root only)

    Hi guys, If your device is rooted you can install a terminal program from the market like: better terminal then issue this command to enable you to move every program you wish to the SD card: su pm setInstallLocation 2 Nothing seem to happen but now you can go to settings and application...
  21. C

    Project BlueTooth GPS mouse

    Hi guys, i was digging around the net and found this text and i recreated it on my 10s: I used the GPS on my LG x2 sinse i lack a gps mouse atm but it totally worked. I was able to use the LG x2 phone as the gps mouse. The apps BlueGPS4Droid and GPS2BT really are freeware gems! So we can indeed...
  22. C

    Project FTP

    Hi guys, I am kinda new to these forums but not to computers, internet and linux. Have only started this week with Android, I bought a LG Optimus 2x and a Viewpad 10s. Only after 1 hour of work on these devices i already had the problem of copying files around and exchange them with my win 7...
  23. L

    [ROM] ViewCOMB 3.2 - Honeycomb 3.2 for ViewPad 10s

    Good day to everyone! :) This is the most stable ROM that exists for ViewPad 10s. ViewCOMB 3.2 is based on VegaComb 3.2, including all updates. My idea was to adapt VegaComb for ViewPad 10S. I made few cosmetics changes on VegaComb, added some applications, and made some tweaks in kernel. All...
  24. E

    Root USB connection to PC

    Hi I have a new Viewsonic Viewpad 10s, and I wish to connect to my PC via USB. No USB cable enclosed in box. How can I do that? What kind of cable can I use (mini?) Thanks Mick
  25. J

    Help Oop lost my password

    Hi, I need Help I lost the password of my viewpadt 10s ,Now I can