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zte source

  1. B

    Please help

    I did a hard reset to my phone and when I go to do my Google account it takes me automatically to WI settings Why did this happen ? How do I fix it ? Thank you please help me
  2. Eugen Korreta

    Root Is Lg-P692 android same as Lg-P970 Optimus Black?

    I have an android device Lg-P692 with a Cpu Qualcomm MSM 7x27 (800 Mhz). I wanted to root the device so I searched for software and I found in the application store "root android without Pc".But the problem is that Lg-P692 isn't in the compatibility list.It's only Lg-P970 Optimus Black.Can I...
  3. C

    Help Extra battery

    Off topic ? Does anyone have an extra battery they could part with or no longer use this phone anymore. Please PM me as i need a battery. I can send a couple of bucks PP but thats all i have. Im in Charleston WV 25311. Thanks in advance and Happy New Yr
  4. J

    Root Can I get the stock messaging app back for 4.1.2 ZTE Source?

    I rooted my phone recently and everything works fine. Today I noticed I have several text messages that I never got notifications for. I checked and I am not getting any notifications, even if I test my notification. I'm using the handcent text app. I then noticed that my stock messaging app is...
  5. L

    Help Looking For Windows 64Bit Driver

    I have a big issue with my phone. Currently have someone claiming to be able to fix it but they have informed me that they need the Windows 64 bit driver for the phone. Obviously it's a ZTE Source. We did look on the ZTE website, but appears the English version of the site does not contain the...
  6. H

    Help network unlock

    How to unlock zte source network or imei
  7. F

    Help Please Help ZTE Source Blank screen!!

    Hello. I just got a ZTE Source used and it powers on, the screen lights up but theres no images. Please help!! Im new at this so please bear with me.
  8. HMT Chryssi

    Root ZTE Source (Hera) Apps Crash

    With no backup, Can't even use it. But access to recovery... Help?
  9. HMT Chryssi

    Help App force close on Hera???

    I woke up this morning to find everything crashing on my ZTE source. I got no backup. Help?
  10. K

    Root Bootloader?

    Has anyone unlocked this phones bootloader?Im new to rooting androids but from what i have read most phones need to have the bootloader unlocked.I tried to go do it threw fastboot but i only get a black screen.Any help?
  11. Krsmqn

    Root [Request]Mi-flavor lockscreen.apk

    I know there was some discussion a while back about the location of ZTE's stock long-press lock screen being buried somewhere in the framework or where ever, but I would still like to request an apk version (if possible) that mimics the original as closely as possible. I know there is an apk...
  12. Spz0

    Root N9511 hera will be dead within 10 months

    Just an FYI to those developing for this device. Cricket will be phasing out all cdma phones as of March 2015. So within 10 months this phone will be deadskies unfortunately. I'll still be keeping it in my car as an obd2 reader, but I've halted development on it cuz its a dying horse. See you...
  13. SuperR

    Root [TOOL][ALPHA] ZTE Source Unbrick Tool

    DISCLAIMER: By using this tool, you agree that you are the only one responsible for anything good or bad that may occur. Use at your own risk.;) For ZTE Source only. This is the ZTE Source Unbrick Tool Download hera_test_unbrick.iso Use your favorite burning software to burn the iso image to...
  14. K

    Root i need help is my phone fixable?

    Hello everyone ill cut right to the point i rooted my Zte source using Kingo root app about a month ago and everything was fine and 3 days ago i installed a boot animation through rom toolbox and my phone now will not boot up i get black screen with flashing red light when i try to go into...
  15. M

    Root Need help here please.. ZtE Source <RooTeD>

    Hi all!! I hope everyone had safe St. Paddy's Day. Well here goes..I am helping a friend out with his ZtE Source,I have rooted the phone and am in the process of trying to flash the only rom...
  16. hroark13

    Root need devs and testers to help with with cm11

    need devs and testers to help with with cm11 see this thread for details http://androidforums.com/official-unloved-devices-hit-squad-oudhs/834705-cm11-developer-tester-thread-zte-msm-8x30-devices.html
  17. C

    Root [RECOVERY] PhilZ Touch 6.19.2 [NEED TESTERS]

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what you do with your phone. Please flash at your own risk At long last, I am proud to give you guys what I've been keeping secret from everybody! There were a few bugs that took some hammering to get out, but this should be as bug free as you can get. :D...
  18. Krsmqn

    Root Software update!

    There is a software update but it fails with mod rom and /or cwm See pic.
  19. Krsmqn

    Root [Drivers] ZTE Source device drivers

    At the request of some individuals, I have decided to upload and share the drivers that come with the ZTE Source. These have been taken directly from the phone itself and have not been tampered with. But, if you have any issues at all, I will not be held responsible. Windows...
  20. M

    Root Problems after installing Chainfire 3D

  21. Spz0

    Root [ROM+OC KERNEL] Open Android-SSH (Sorta Stock Hera) with Aroma Custom Installer [Updated 03/06]

    OA-SSH(Open Android Sorta-Stock) Please read this post all the way through before installing. This will minimize /facepalm redundancies. Well, theres not really much to say at this point except this is a good base for great things to come for Hera Devices. I have packed up my ROM...
  22. Spz0

    Bad hera...

  23. Spz0

    Root Beta Testers Needed.

    Pass it around. Need some testers for my ROM and installer. Apply Within.
  24. Spz0

    Root Kitkat Launcher/GNow. Anyone got it to work?

    I've been tinkering around with the new kitkat launcher files -- decompiled and trying to see why its not seemingly compatible with the Source. Has anyone ever got this to work on Hera devices? Or is it just me?
  25. SuperR

    Root [TOOL] ZTE Source CWM Flasher

    Disclaimer: The responsibility for using this tool falls only on you. This tool is UNTESTED since I don't have this device. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! ;) This is an alternate method for installing CWM Recovery on the ZTE Source. No root required, just flash CWM, then flash a rooted ROM. It is a...