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2.1 vs 2.1-Update 1


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Feb 21, 2010
Akron, Ohio
OK I've seen it mentioned here that after getting the update some people's version reads 2.1 and others read 2.1 Update 1. Anyone know what the difference is?

My daughter has a Sprint Samsung Moment that runs the Android OS, she was on 1.6 and was having poor battery life. She went to the store and they told here to remove some apps and stop back another day and they would update her OS. She went back yesterday and they updated it for her, took them 1/2 hour. Now she has 2.1 Update 1.
Well, for the most part the Eris has only received the 2.1 update. There is talk on the forum today of an update patch coming so we may end up with 2.1 update 1 after that. As of now though, we really haven't received an update.

i thinkt he update being pushed out is irrelevant.
i remember seeing 2.1 update 1 on my phone also, i dont think mine ever read just "2.1"

i honestly have no idea of the difference, but ive noticed it too.
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Have a look see, I'm curious.

well im rooted and on my own rom, but my firmware version is 2.1-update1 and has been since i can remember

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well im rooted and on my own rom, but my firmware version is 2.1-update1 and has been since i can remember


Mine is only two weeks old and just has v2.1

Now I am real curious as to what the difference is. You would think that there would be more discussion going on about some phones reading one thing and the rest something different.
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i was in a local vzw store tonight and playing with the floor incredible that i will be getting in the year 2525(when they finally release just a few), and for kicks i checked the version. sure enough, v2.1-update 1. being a floor model i couldnt help but wonder if it got pushed to it. you could tell its been a floor model for a long time. i doubt the employees go around updating all the floor models. but, me or my daughters havent got peep(or should i say beep?) on our phones. and we are 2 miles from the store.

just for fun, has anyone ever noticed how fast the internet is on the phones in the stores. wow! fast as a T1 line!
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