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2.x rumors and discussions

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yes, 2.0 is coming to the mytouch 3g; the fan page, and the facebook page that you are talking about are professional, and are the real thing. also dont lision to anyone that says its not comming because of t-mobile, because it is not tmobiles decision its htc and googles decision

T-Mobile has nothing to do with when a T-Mobile phone is updated? You're on crack, dude. Who do you think will be sending out the update?

As for your professional site.... Nah, it speaks for itself.
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heres my thought process... maybe theyll skip 2.0 all together and jump to the 2.01? I mean... why continue to work on an old os when theyre getting ready to push a newer version? Maybe if the mytouch wont be able to handle 2.01? either way anything has to be better than the storm 1 that im on. the memory on this tank is ridic.

hopefully they'll skip both and go straight to 2.1. :D That's probably just wishful thinking though; especially with Nexus coming so soon.
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If any of you have ever had a Blackberry, you'll know that you're not going to be abandoned. They'll still support your phone. They'll continue to release updates for it.
T-Mobile, HTC, and Google will all be working together to coordinate when updates happen.
Not sure why the dude earlier posted something about Motorola when this is an HTC phone.
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like i said i have a hard time believing anything that has to do with the mytouch or g1. simply based on a theory as follows, Why would HTC announce a 2.0 update for the hero that is months away and not for these phones? I hope I'm wrong

the same reason verizon din say shit about tht droid eris when they released the moto droid on the same day.
im pretty sure the update is gonna hit mytouch users and eventually
G1 users. its just a waiting game. hopefully it does hit 2morrow
or at least the first half of janurary:D
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