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Root Advancements in Ally Wonderful Developers Great Community

A note to everyone here
I read through the thread How do I flash recovery and it really said it all about this forum. Everyone here deserves a round of applause and the devs deserve all kinds of stuff.
and finally "Reboot Phone." Finished. Velocity 1.0 looks awesome!

Now should I back up the phone? the rom? update? If so, how?

And thank you for the explicit instructions. Very helpful. I think I need to add the sig, "Stupid people shouldn't root their phone, but I did."

Off to search posts on what to do next.

After all the personalized help and courtesy that was shown I think the next thing you should do is make a donation to the Velocity and Other Developers.

This community is incredibly kind and generous. I don't mean this to offend when I say I've never seen a forum where someone with so little knowledge was given such patient help instead of UTFSE or some other mean spirited write off. These are all really great people!!

- Donate to savoxis
- Donate to Trident
- Donate to death2all110
- Donate to getitnowmarketing

On a personal note to the developers
I'm sorry that I have not been able to donate yet. I'm 26 and jobless and just opened up Spunmetals Jewelry I literally don't have ANY money to spare but I want to promise publicly that as soon as me and my wife are out of the red I will donate to each of you. In the mean time thank you all for helping out with the ally. I know you all have better faster phones you could be spending more time on. I on the other hand would not have a phone except that my parents still want to be able to talk to me, so I am grateful you've taken time to help those anchored to the ally by situation.
Advertizements in Ally Wonderful Developers Great Community, LOL! but it does say you can link to your site. http://androidforums.com/introductions/704-site-rules-guidelines.html

Yes, it does, but in your the signature....

And Quote:
...Links to your own site, in general

Toss 'em in your signature, that's fine. Linking when referencing something relevant and stuff is fine too. Just be a contributing member, not a spammer.

In regards to all of this.. Moderators will handle situations at their discretion – using this thread as a starting point. If you have a problem with a member or a post here, report it. Mods will see it...

I'm not complaining about this post though, or being nitpicky. Savoxis, as have I, have both made new threads linking to our sites.

Personally, I don't see this really as spamming. Just linking to his site because some people on here may actually like that jewlery. Not to mention he even said...
...On a personal note to the developers...
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