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Android 2.1 HERO News

Android 2.1 HERO ROM in the hands of developers

Great news for everyone ... A new ROM for the HTC Hero has been released and is currently in the hands of some of the developers out there. KingKlick has been tweeting about it and already has a version running on his own phone. He's been sending tweets from the phone so it's obviously working.
The other surprising news is that the ROM is apparently Android 2.1 and based on SDK Rel. 6. What this means right now is unclear but it sounds like it has Multi-Touch browser support out of the box and I'm sure a lot more and I don't know about just yet. As we get more info and I'll let you all know.
So if you want to keep yourselves up to date with the progress, be sure to follow the tweets from KingKlick and Barakinflorida to name just a coupe and of course we'll be tweeting as soon as we have any news so be sure to follow AndroidSPIN as well.

I knew that :rolleyes:
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Great news , Now I'm not sure if I should install the new updated rom that the HTC home page says it's available for my Hero.
I have installed the new version of HTC sync on my PCs without problems but I did'nt install this new ROM for the Hero because on the same page there is a note saying that the installation of the new Rom will erase all my files and programs and I still did'nt find out how to back up the contents of my beloved Hero.
Even the latest version of HTC Sync does not have the "Back up" option offered by the equivalent program I use for my HTC HD2 (win Mob 6.5).
Can anyone explain me what I can do to avoid having to reinstall 196 apps 500 pics , 500 songs and a few vids?
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Thanks, but I'm gonna hold fast until MCR 3.0 (?) appears and then probably do a complete wipe before updating. This poor handset has been flashed more times recently than a late-night jogger.... :eek:

I never flashed my Hero (yet) because I did'nt find out how to back up the phone's content to my PC (or to any other storage device).
Can you tell me how you manage to do it Slug?
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