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Best way/place to buy a used EVO.

I was thinking of buying a EVO to use over Wi-Fi only. One I could let the kids beat up or use as a general remote. Maybe strip way down and learn more about Android.

Should I avoid Ebay? Anything I should avoid?

it depends with ebay or any places really. the one thing is you do not want to be stuck with he a phone that has a bad esn. if the esn is bad that means that the phone is either lost or stolen or the previous owner has not paid his bill.

just some tips for you to know:
eBay Guides - BAD ESN Carrier wont activate the phone - What 2 Do

eBay Guides - Buying A Cell Phone On eBay, BAD ESN
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I'm finding out that Craigslist and other places to get used phones aren't so bad...the only real big problems are:
-meeting strangers
-possibly getting a stolen/broken/etc. phone that has a bad ESN.

Ways to avoid these two are to meet at a public spot like the Sprint store. Once there, you can ask Sprint employees if the phone has a bad ESN or not.

Phones sold used are typically cheaper and when seen with Sprint's pretty good insurance policy...you can get a sorta brand new phone if anything happens for real cheap.

I bought my Samsung Moment on Craigslist for $150 when it was still $400 brand new from Sprint and when I broke it, they replaced it for $100. Do the math and I still paid less than MSRP. Refurbished phones are kinda wack sometimes though :(
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I have bought most of my smartphones on Craigslist.

You said to use for wifi only, and for kids use. So I guess you care less if the ESN is bad...

I prefer Craigslist over ebay...
Use alot of common sense from meeting up, inspection of phone to getting a good deal. I usually meet in public places like Starbucks. I ask most of my questions prior to meeting, first through email and then phone calls. I never accept to meet at a location they suggest...we both agree on a neutral place. I never meet if they change location at the last minute- even more so if I am in route. If you can bring along a friend do so. Don't carry your wallet, put it in the trunk. Put the money inside an envelope instead. Good luck.
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If this is against forum rules - please delete.

I am selling an EVO - great condition - legal ESN - with a ton of accessories. Let me know if anyone is interested.

There is a section to put your classifieds.

Simply go to the Forum section with all of the different available forums for Phandroid and you will see somewhere towards the top about Classifieds for non-Android devices and Android devices. If you post there, you will receive much more exposure than here and you won't have to worry about having your post removed by a mod.
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got mines from Craiglist, $50, clean esn, box with everything that came with it, if i would of know it was EOL, i would bought th 3d for 100$

Where in the world are you getting an Evo 4G for $50 and can get an Evo 3D for $100?!?!?! I'll travel anywhere for such a great price especially with a clean ESN!!!
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If this is against forum rules - please delete.

I am selling an EVO - great condition - legal ESN - with a ton of accessories. Let me know if anyone is interested.

I am interested please send me a PM, my EVO charging port came lose so I cant even charge my phone anymore, I have been searching for a used one since my upgrade with Sprint isnt until next year in Summer 2012, went to the Sprint store and they told me it will cost $500 since I didnt have insurance, ARRRRGH!!!!

anyone got any tips for me on getting a good used EVO ( incase I cant get the one from wiltok for some reason )
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craiglist should be your best friend, some people need money fast and cash on the spot, the highest i seen was for 150......

I've been looking ever since the 3D's launch and I got one guy to agree to trade with me putting down $150. Most of the prices I've seen for clean ESNs were $350+ for the 3D and $150+ for the 4G. That is amazing.
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