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Root Changing system sounds.

Ok here goes, how difficult would it be to make a setting to be able to change system sounds? (ex. bootup, un/lock, battery low, dial pad number press, usb connection, etc) or is there a way to go and change these manually, if so how would you go about doing this?

Thanks in advance guys XD

Easy, navigate to /system/media/ui you will find them all there.
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Awesome thanks Chevan, final question when changing these out do I just have to delete for example lowbattery.ogg (original file) then replace it with audio file name.mp3 and rename it to lowbattery.ogg?

The file has to be in a .oog format or it will not take effect. Use a converter to change the format of whatever sound you want it to be.
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can't I just rename it

As Loota said the answer is no, heres what you do find some .OGG sounds from either another ROM of a different phone such as an HTC brand phone motorola or ZTE and no all .OGG sounds are not the same even if the phone is running the same software "for example choose HTC because they modify the android system and i can confirm that one of the things they changed was the ui sounds".
Then open the system of that phone "Can find it here on the forums, googling it or going to the XDA forums" and navigate to /system/media/ui and copy all the different sounds you want or just copy the entire folder and past it on your sdcard and use a file explorer and replace the .OGG sounds in /system/media/ui with the ones you placed on your sd card. it simple as that or if you want to create your own sounds, find the .mp3 or whatever format the sound is in "make sure its less than 5 seconds" and use this Online Converter to convert the sounds to .OGG format.
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TU. Here's what I've got, alert, camera click, camera click short,charger connection, effect tick, insert, keypress (delete, return, and spacebar), standard, lock, low battery, mute, shutdown, batttery caution, sip, touch, waterdrop, unlock, video record.

Weren't you looking for the charger connection sound? I'm guessing your running your personal ROM?
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[TIP] for doing this.. when changing out the old files to a new one,
first go to /system/media/ui and rename the original file (eg. camera_click.oog) to camera_click.oog.old
then move the new file and rename it to the exact same name as the original file camera_click.oog

the new sound has to be renamed the same as the original for android to use it. the name is what it looks for. also, putting the .old extention on the original sound is a way to leave it in the folder but unused by android. sort of a backup if you will..

I have a sugestion to everyone.. why dont we all look for .oog files from wherever we can find and post your collection here so eveyone can use them to there liking (even us ROM makers and devs) ;)

1. Change the OP heading to something that would let people know this is where they can find a collection of .oog files to customize their phone sounds with instructions on how to do it.

2. Keep up with the posts and add anyones files to the op.

This would be big for the entire androidforums, not just to the TU comunity.
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Weren't you looking for the charger connection sound? I'm guessing your running your personal ROM?

Chev: no I was looking to make sounds for when I actually disconnect the charger or its done charging.

Mav: good point, didn't think this would be a big enough thread to make something out of it, but will do right now. XD
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I know this is totally wrong topic but i search for two days but not found the answer to my problem.

I've got no sound at all when i plugged the charger. And also no sound when the battery is low.

I've checked /system/media/audio/ui and Charger_Connection.ogg and TW_Low_Battery.ogg are still there.

I want the sound back. Help me somebody.
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