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Root CM7 and vvm

i believe the fix was to help provision your phone so that you do receive the vvm if you get any. not sure on the miui vvm apk you can try it. there is an vvm apk found on here How-To Reinstall Your Sprint Visual VM under CM7!!! - xda-developers if you need one. with gapps plus vvm fix you can just flash it on top of your current one. just wipe dalvik cache and cache.
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that is probably the easiest way to do it. there is also a gapps with the vvm fix in it as well. i think you need the sprint apk though. it does not have it. here is the gapp file Latest GAPPS with the VVM fix, for any ASOP rom 2.3.3.or 2.3.4 - xda-developers. for me i am using google voice with no problems.

Sorry for getting off topic, but I had a question about google voice that you may be able to answer. Is there a way to stay logged in to google voice, and not have it be my primary text message app? I like the whole voicemail part of it, but I use handcent and g. voice overrides it whenever i receive a text. Thanks.
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weird i don't think that is part of googles voice functions. i have handcent as well and i can receive and send text with no problems. i never a text go through google voice. there was nothing special that i did to do this. did you guys go online and register with google voice? also what is cool is that you can integrate your sprint number with google voice number.
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