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Root CWM beta WORKING!


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Mar 11, 2012
tested and said to be working

you will need to be rooted

download the file and name it recovery.img and put it on the root of the sd, no folders just right on the card, so its in this location /sdcard/recovery.img

and use either adb or terminal emulator
if using adb youll need to do the
adb shell
command first, if terminal emulator you can just do the following commands without that part


dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery

reboot recovery
new mirror, on a phone youll probably need to open it in chrome, stock browser opens it as text for whatever reason

thanks to shabby, stevestone, everyone who got the necessary files, and everyone who bugged the hell out of zte to get the source

also, in theory it should work for the supreme but i make no promises... someone should test that out and make sure

and always remember. if it breaks your phone, a "sorry, that sucks" is all the compensation youre getting lol. use at your own risk
WOW. It does booted.. how did you do that. DAMMM I tried it many times. but all wasted. Thats what experience teaches... Thanks a lot....... Let me test it out.....................

how did you do that, if you dont mind sharing???? I mean? I edited boardconfig and all?? but was a fail :(

ITs working fine. I did a nandroid backup now.. mine external got detected maybe bcoz of swap. Adb working with mounted sdcard..
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theres something about the kernel source that makes it work. not really sure what it is but as you can see... it works
ill post it up on my github shortly that way you can use it as a base for cm or aosp or whatever
basically its just based on the kernel zte released and the same zte nex repo i got from cooldudezach originally that i ported to the warp 4g and the zte source
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wow.. I m looking at boardconfig file.. I did right calculation bcoz of you.. you specified in aurora i guess partition block size x 1024.. before i was calculating with 512..

I missed this part, BOARD_MKBOOTIMG_ARGS := --ramdisk_offset 0x02000000

and that krait part. I tried to specified it but prebuild zimage and it throwed error..

I even added pixel part.. LOL damm ..

I missed all ums part..

let me try to compile it, just for learning purpose.. by adding one by one line.. do it need to compile it with kernel source or all the time? as it takes to much time for single compile from source????
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