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Mar 8, 2012
South Wales
A firm in Colwyn Bay, North Wales fitted a new screen in my wife's Lumia 820.
They could also debrand a Galaxy S3. It is already unlocked. Would this remove samsung junk ?? It is not an expensive job, so can't be too much removed.

Just wondered what you chaps thought.?

The phone contract is coming to an end, so can do what I want with it after.
I wouldn't mind getting it rooted. Funkylogic says that his S3 flies along without touchwiz and all the sammy crap. I couldn't / wouldn't do it because that for me is about 15 steps too far, lol. So would have to get it done for me.
Unlocked is a term that gets used when people are talking about a carrier unlock which is to change providers and a bootloader unlock which is so an os other than the os that is approved for it can be run. So with that being said if its carrier unlocked than no it will not remove the samsung junk you want removed.That will have to be done by rooting your phone.
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Hey gregg. Did you buy your phone unlocked or did you get it unlocked after you bought it?
When you turn it on, does it just say samsung etc while its loading or does it say the name of your carrier/network?
As far as i know, debranding (in the UK) just means putting stock (debranded) samsung firmware on it and you can easily do that at home. How much are they offering to do it for? If its more than a fiver then i wouldnt bother tbh mate :thumbup:

My phone flies along on an aosp based rom with nothing samsung on it. Debranding WONT do that. It will just remove anything your carrier/network added to the phone.
To get of (replace) the samsung firmware is a different thing :beer:
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