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Developer One

Sounds good, especially @ the price. Would have expected a bit more for this.

Which carriers will this work with?

Count me in the definite maybe category,especially if it's compatible w/SPRINT.

As tempting as it would be to have a cool 'limited edition' phone, and have the chance to poke around in the software a bit more, I'm not a developer.
As much as I'd like to pretend to be a cool developer, I'm not nor will be anytime, so it would more of less be a waste of the resource and possibly take a 'limited' device away from an actual developer.
If I could, I'd buy one and donate it to my favorite developer

It doesn't look Sprint friendly based on the frequencies that they posted and the fact that it states SIM unlocked, hinting towards a GSM network only device.
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I didn't think it would be SPRINT-friendly. As for such a phone being a "waste" on the general public, I'm guessing availability shouldn't be an issue, or, why else would it be offered to anyone for the asking & the $,especially since it's priced about the same as what everyone has guessed for a standard locked/carrier version.
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Sorry for the SNAFU, just wishing for more flexibility w/our phones & carriers. Perhaps one day....... :D

No worries.

With the Dev One cropping up in multiple threads, to save us work, I've made this a new sticky.

This may be a temporary thread, may get absorbed elsewhere later.

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Not likely with those frequency bands (non-UK LTE bands, for example).

I'm pretty sure I read a reply on the HTC blog that said that SIM unlocked handsets will be readily available in the UK (which is true) and that you can unlock the bootloader yourself. Of course this one is 64GB, which we're still waiting for a date for here...

Yep, I have a few months before my current Vodafone contract expires and i'm hoping the 64Gb version will be available over here by then.
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