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Difference between Incredible and EVO4g?

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Evo has a couple of slightly higher specs, LCD versus AMOLED, the option of connecting to a Wimax network where available, and cheaper plans.

Obviously check coverage in your area on Sprint and Verizon's site. If coverage is good for both, Sprint costs less. If you get good Verizon coverage and poor Sprint coverage, no amount of savings will make up for that.

My general rule of thumb is to check coverage first, then out of the carriers that cover your area, look at plan price second (don't get fooled by base price when data, text, nav, etc. cost more to add on), and once you figure out who has good coverage and cheapest plans, choose your handset.
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1gb of ROM as well, the whole 8gb internal on the incredible doesn't matter cause you can't use it for anything but music and pics. no apps... 4g as well AND the ability to turn off sense... you can't do that on the incredible

You can't technically turn off Sense on any phone. You can use an alternative home launcher by default with the EVO is what you mean.
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