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Help Display is keeping the phone awake? (and eating battery)

Ok, so suddenly my display is causing the phone to stay awake and murder the battery.

The last two apps I installed were Spotify and Seekdroid. I uninstalled both and still have the problem.

I have never used the auto brightness, since day one (launch day) I disabled it and have the slider manually at about 10%. The screen timeout has always been set to one minute. I always manually hit the button to turn the screen off.

Please do not respond with "the display is supposed to use the most battery", or "it's because you're playing with your phone so the display is active". These are NOT the source of the problem.

My phone charged overnight and within 2 hours of it being unplugged, the battery is below 50%. I didn't even turn on the screen that whole time either.

Something is definitely keep the phone awake as Up time and Awake time are 1:1.


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