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Help Doesn't lock into keyboard dock

I bought the Prime and Keyboard dock together in Feb. I just exchanged the Prime for the Infinity. It works with the keyboard dock but it won't lock into it...if I try to lift it up by the screen the keyboard dock will fall off...anyone else have this issue?

Some Prime docks fit well with the Infinity. Others do not. A few people here reported they had to manually slide the locker tab; it doesn't click into place by itself.

ASUS has stated that the Prime dock is not officially supported with the Infinity... It just happens to work... So if you don't want to spend the $$ on the Infinity dock, you'll have to live with the locking difficulty.
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After reading reviews and forums, I really saw no reason to get the TF700 dock over the cheaper TF201 dock.

Initially I had to slide the lock over to get the optimal latch. But the device never fell or even felt as if it were about to. Even when it was only half latched. After a few days, the lock no longer needed to be slid over. It seems to have broken in really nicely.
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yeah i was unfortunate(or lucky) to drop my prime. luckily i had BB black tie protection. since they do not have the prime anymore, i was able to upgrade to the infinity(yeah me!!!!!!). the prime's dock fits really well and locks great for me. and even if it is not quite the fit, but everything else works great, i would not complain as i would not have to fork over another $150 bucks!
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