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Root Donate to djrbliss


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Jan 28, 2011
NW Georgia
For all you who said you would donate for a unlocked bootloader and/or for bliss to work his magic, well the man has done his magic and now is the time to show your appreciation by donating to him.

you can do so at http://goo.gl/zBGb0

So lets all show bliss how much you really appreciate him taking time to better your device.

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Well I posted this one Motion forum but for those who don't check Motion forum...

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thank you guys, he could really use teh support. it seems the lg og pro people he tried to please have instead decided his loki tool isnt worthy of teh bounty. the thread has now derailed to him being personally attacked. i cannot begin to express how proud i am that the motion/spirit community not only have been donating to him, but expressing their gratitude. loki is a bypass, but it does exactly what you need it to do. with it you can flash roms thanks to cwm, you can have custom kernels, better cm support. and with a tot to always downgrade you guys are set for the life of this phone.

the sgs4 people backlashed and attacked bliss when the software he provided wasnt what they wanted, and its happening now again with the lg og pro people. its why im so glad that the metropcs people i associate with arent acting like a bunch of fools. you guys know that development for yall isnt going to just happen, so for a big thing like this to be made for yall, you guys actually appreciate it.

thank you, for once again reaffirming what i already knew. androidforums really is my home, (and xda is filled with jerks :p).

edit: im gunna make a thank you bliss thread on the teams subforum, if you donated, if you didnt, if you cant doesnt matter please make an effort to post how you feel in there. perhaps if he knows the little guys appreciate his work he will know it wasnt all in vain :)

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Oh my god!! I read the trash on xda! Holy crap! Those whiney little b****es. I cannot believe that shit. I had to pm bliss and tell him thanks for his work and that we on android forums appreciate his work! And that he is always welcomed here! Maybe it wasn't my place to pm a guy like that but after reading allot of trash msgs to or about him I had to say something.
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