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Root Extremely Poor GPS performance with Galaxo...need some help! and JC6


May 21, 2010
Hey guys, I have no issues with GPS with my stock 1.5 ROM. The signal is picked up within a few seconds, even in my basement.

Once I updated to Galaxo, the gps performance is extremely bad. Most of the time, my phone is only picking up 2 satellites, not enough for a lock. If I am lucky enough to get a lock, it doesn't last very long. I have managed to pick up 7 satellites once, but the reception on each was extremely poor, not enough for a fix. I tried flashing back to stock, which again, had very good GPS performance.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what underlying issue is causing the poor GPS performance? I understand that JC6 ROM (and Galaxo is built around it I believe) is from Russia. Does android have a cache of nearby satellites (similar to how QuickGPS works with windows mobile phones), and could it be that these satellite location are optimized for Russia? If not, is it an inherent problem with Android 1.6?

As I use my gps quite often, hopefully someone can provide some insight, or I might just be driving an infinite loop of circles in the near future...

If it helps, I have an i7500L (Bell Canada)
oh well, sorry that didnt work

It's all good, I actually used adhoc wifi connections for internet (wifi tethering) on my touch Pro quite often when I travelled. I flashed Galaxo 1.1.1, which seems to have better GPS performance than 1.6, but still not as good as stock rom for some reason. Yeah the bluetooth sucks in 1.5, but I think Galaxo 1.1.1 suits my needs more so than :).
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