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Favorite Super bowl commercial


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Jun 15, 2010
1) Rosanne getting hit by the log. We all went nuts when we saw that looney toon get whacked. Snickers, if I like your candy bars, I'd buy a few.

2) VW commercials. The Darth Vader one was great.

3) BMW diesel commercial. Having had 4 VW diesels I commend them for showing what current diesel cars are (really) like. ~50 mpg highway with our's and not slow at all ;)
Darth Vader, the finger licking one, and I was in stitches when that dude walked into his apartment and his grandfather was sitting there!!! Haha

But the one that left the biggest impresion was the Eminem/Chrysler commercial (hell it was 2 minutes long, how could it not???). Honestly though, that city has been devistated over the past 5 years. And I fully hold the big three responsible for all of it, but I do feel for the people who've had to suffer because of it. But when he said, "this is the 'Motor City', this is what we do"... I dunno, I felt this pride inside, even though I'm not even from the US. I dunno, for some reason I really thought that was a powerful commercial.
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Oh wait, I totally forgot... I thought the 'BestBuy' commercial with Ozzy and Justin Beiber was fantastic! They really nailed the rate of technology thing with 4g, 5g and 6g. And then when Ozzy said, "what's a Beiber"? And the guy behind him said, "I dunno, but it kinda looks like a girl"... all I can say is props to Justin for being able to laugh at himself!
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