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Finally. Google wakes up and listens.


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Dec 8, 2011
Thanks to mexjoker for giving me the heads up.

After the countless emails for me as well as I'm sure thousands of other people, you can now delete existing apps out of your "all" list and clear up some of the congestion. It gets old when you try an app, delete it and then you have to look and sift through all the garbage apps you don't like and didn't want just to find a certain app. I can't begin to express my joy and excitement over this especially after wanting this feature for 2 years.

Thank you Google. It's about damn time. :D

Yea I grabbed this last night.... I wish they did it different tho... I rather have 3 lists. Installed, free apps and paid apps but eh deleting works tho.... Now just have to delete 1000 apps I never use that I've downloaded over the past year and a half Ahaha

I know right. It took me forever lol. Especially when it doesn't keep your spot so you have to scroll down each time you delete. But i don't care, I'm very happy about this.

I can now stop sending an email once a week. Lol
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I think my clearing out the unwanted apps will be a "WIP". I have tested way more apps than i thought.

Haha thats what I said. So glad Google finally woke up and implemented this. I mean you can literally surpass 100 apps within a month of trying stuff. hell sooner than that actually. Luckily it's available and its so much nice in my app section.
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