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Help Freedom Pro Keyboard with Nexus 7


Dec 17, 2009
I have a (lovely) Nexus 7 and a Freedom Pro keyboard that I'm unable to get to work with it. I've contacted the manufacturer of the FP, who claim that the driver from their [FONT=Candara, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica] www.otadrivers.com site should do it. I've installed that driver and successfully paired the keyboard with the N7. However typing on the FP does not register on the N7.

What seems to be the sticking point is that I'm unable to choose the FP as the input device despite the fact that it's checked as an option. In older versions of Android holding your finger in a text input box brought up a dialog box asking which input device to use. I do not get that option in Jelly Bean, and am therefore unable to choose.

Any information on how to handle this would be most welcome.


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