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Help Froyo 2.2, Settings > Privacy > Backup option, GONE


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I posted this in the 2.2 thread but it seems to have been overlooked so i will ask here instead.

The option to allow the phone to backup automatically to SD card in Settings > Privacy have gone, does anyone know where the setting is now or even if a backup option is even available in froyo 2.2, because i can't find it anywhere even after a factory reset.

Option is in settings > privacy for me.

Edit - Doesnt say backup to SD though, just "backup my settings" and "automatic restore". Looks like SD backup has been replaced by cloud backup - More details in the backup section of this article:

Ars reviews Android 2.2 on the Nexus One

there is no option of privacy for me in setting. may be u have nexus one
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Slightly crude work around;
Make sure your settings are searchable (menu>settings>search..) then hit the search button and key In privacy.
It'll probably be hidden at the very end of the list.
Was there a restore option before? Cause its gone now. But presumably when you reset to factory defaults now it'll automatically restore??
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Thanks ever so much, no there was no restore or auto restore option there before, i must admit, it's rediculess having to do a search for an option that should be available in settings by default.

Is there any way to add a shortcut to the home screen for this?

Thanks again!
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