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Help Getting rid of update popup?


Mar 26, 2011

I am using a rooted (stock) G2. I upgraded (via unrooting then re-rooting) to 4.4.2 a while back when it came out. Then, all of a sudden, yesterday, my phone started downloading MUC (which I thought was old by now). Now, it keeps asking me to install it -- which I cannot because, of course, I am rooted. How do I either: (a) just get rid of/disable this update from installing, or (b) should I install it, which would, again, require un-rooting then re-rooting. Is MUC important/cool/necessary? What is it exactly? Is it what's mentioned here?

My phone is currently using:
Software ver:

No custom recovery.

Thank you!
Get Titanium Backup if you don't already own it. Use it to freeze "System updates MUC".

You may or may not want to clear the contents of /cache/fota following the freezing of the app as the OTA likely resides there waiting to be applied. Also note that some G2 users have experienced a situation where the update applies itself after a certain number of refusals on your part. This can be a bad situation.

Do yourself a favor and don't wait around on this.
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How do I do this? Why would I not want to clear it?

Once the udpater MUC app is frozen, it MAY clear itself after a reboot since we're talking about cache. I'm not sure but somewhat guessing that could be the case. Otherwise, use Root Explorer or similar root enabled file explorer and navigate there and delete if still present.

(oh, and: is there anything noticeable in this update?)

Here's some info on the 25B update though it looks like you may be 2 updates short. Not sure what the other one did or what it was named:

Verizon LG G2 Receives Update to Get It Ready for VoLTE Launch | Droid Life
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Hmmm.... maybe I'll try it. I'm aware that I probably have to restore my original Wireless Hotspot app, but do you know if I have to temp unroot as well?

Depends on what you've done to alter /system in any way. Restoring stock hotspot app would be the first thing but so often people make other changes and forget about it which could cause issues. Got Xposed? Running any modules? Anything frozen or removed with Titanium, etc.

Worth a shot but you may end up restoring stock, updating and re-rooting as AMOCO mentioned. It's hard to weed everything out sometimes.
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