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Help gmail sync issues


Sep 10, 2010
Anyone having issues with gmail and their evo today? Nothing has changed in my settings / haven't installed anything new in the past few days but gmail isn't downloading new messages automatically. I can open the gmail app and manually sync it and new messages will show up but outside of that there is nothing doing.

tried soft reboot / battery pull..
I have been having hit or miss issues with gmail's syncing for about 3 weeks now. it eventually goes away...but may come back a week later.

it had been working pretty well for the past week...then I noticed it back again today.

last time I installed the HTC mail apk back onto my phone to have a backup and it appears to work fine even when the gmail app doesn't sync..
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google said:
Best answer - Bin (Google Employee) Go to this answer
Hi folks - We identified the issue on our end and pushed a fix for it at 3pm PST. Mail and notifications should be flowing smoothly now. Again, thank you for your patience while we identified and resolved the issue!

If you continue to have difficulties, please start a new thread in the forum since it's unlikely to be related to the fix we made.


dunno what they did but its fixed for me.. anybody still having issues?
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