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Golf app for the Sanyo Zio


Dec 14, 2010
Hi, just bought a new Sanyo Zio - (Android), looking for a golf APP... I want to use it to see how far I am from the pin...... and, don't have ANY idea which app will help me. I'm using a Cricket provider, so, being that it is inexpensive, perhaps I can't get an APP for golf.....
Hi, Steven, apparently, you think I'm a new "DX newbie rooter", whatever the heck that means... don't know the venacular... of the NEWBIE's,,,,, however,

If I knew what you were talking about, I could respond,,,, still waiting for a poignant response (ie. one that addresses my problem)...
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Hi, everyone! Sorry Steven, I'm sure you know a lot about this topic, however, I can't figure out any of what your response means..... I'm of the older uninformed generation who is trying (albeit, desperately), to understand how to continue to be active, and not be a burden to society (ie, yards to the pin.... etc., and Skyping our grandchildren, and great-grandchildren).... so, I still need to understand what I'm supposed to access to allow an APP for a golf distance to the pin from my new android phone -- love android because of GOOGLE.
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Hi, I'll try this! not sure if I even know how to download an APP. I can't even seem to import my contacts from yahoo.ca (Canada) to gmail.com....:eek:

AND, to Steven, sorry... didn't even have a clue about rooting, but have done some reading and will look into it in the future.... baby steps....
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