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Help Google search is gone

For what it's worth, you can always hit the search button on the slide-out keyboard. If you want to use the on-screen keyboard, then I guess the Google Search widget helps, but I find typing on the slide-out keyboard a lot easier (and one of the main selling points of the Moment).

And as a bonus I get to save the 4 spots of space that the widget takes up.
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I found it under my widgets under search.

Thanks for the help everyone. I was just too lazy to experiment with it ;)

LOL , Glad you found it
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The Hero has the talk feature where you can say instead of type what you are looking for when using Google. I was disappointed to find that the Moment does not support it. And thank God it isn't supported by that lamo Nuance program:rolleyes:
that is a real disappointment, the moment is an upgrade from the hero, yet a feature like this is not supported
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Damn. I found widgets, but now I have TWO google search bars on the screen. There has to be a way to fix it. I would appreciate ANY help. I'm ready to exchange this phone after only two days.
Long press on one of the Google search bars and drag it down below to the trash icon, it will remove it.

You need to be patient to learn Android, if you're not, then you should stay away from Android and use an iPhone or some other dumbphone.
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