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I am new to the forum so not sure where this post should go but I am having trouble with finding a way to send a group email from my contacts list. Also would liike to know how to forward to a group. Dont want to use my gmail account either, want to use my regular Yahoo mail account. Is there an app that will do this for me? I have searched the forum & cant find an answer.Thanks.
I wold like to know the same. I am willing to use gmail if that will work. I created a small test group in gmail and it does not seem to be an option for me on the gmail app on the phone. Typing the name of the gorup does not do anything. I don't expect this to work with yahoo mail. I barely get yahoo mail to work using k9. The stock app is a nightmare as it causes thousands of dupes in my sent items folder. Don't get me started on that. I'm trying to figure that out in other threads now.
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