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Root Help! Please! Root Problem!

Has anyone been able to select any options in Clockwork Mod Recovery v

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Jul 5, 2011
Ok so I rooted my phone and was having some problems and long story short I uninstalled gingerbreak or so I thought from my phone and did a factory reset. But now I am stuck in Clockwork Mod Recovery v and I can't select any of the options listed on the screen, any help would be nice because I am super frustrated at my Optimus V right now. I have a xionia recovery thing which I heard is supposed to work in the sd card which is in my phone right now. But I can't select it. Oh by the way I can still use the volume buttons to move up and down I just can't enter any of my options.
I'm totally new to the rooting scene so can you recommend any good roms (what do you use) and it just shows ClockworkMod Recovery v3.2.0.1 so could you explain how to use roms?
If you go to the thread entitled: Root Optimus V without computer by bigdroid. Last post was on June 28th. It would take a lot of time to explain whats already in that thread. You first have to have a custom ROM on the root of your sd card(do not put it into a folder thats on the sd card).Leave it in the zip file. Pay close attention to post # 102. If it is a ROM that requires the gapps(google apps) after it installs The Rom then go back to the sd card and install the gapps zip file as well.READ, READ,Follow listed sites Read, read, come back to thread and follow instructions. If you have any problems(I did my first time) then come back and ask for more help.EDIT:I'm partial to Harmonia and aospCM7+(ginger bread).Plus I think that Xionia recovery is a better choice for a recovery(I haven't tried ThunderC yet)
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I agree, Xionia is better since it can flash any ROM made for the Optimus V.

You should read the stickies, and some of the threads asking for help with installing ROMs. The more you read, the more it will all make sense.

The basic steps to flashing a custom ROM on the Optimus V:

1) Download TitaniumBackup or MyBackup from the market and backup your apps + data

2) Boot into recovery by turning your phone off, then holding the home_key+volume_down+power till the LG logo disappears.

3) In recovery, select backup/restore and make a backup (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!)

4) Back in the main recovery menu, wipe cache, then under advanced, wipe dalvik cache

5) Back in the main recovery menu, select mounts, then format boot, system, data, and cache

6) Back in the main recovery menu, select install from sdcard, then select install from sdcard (DO NOT UPDATE ANYTHING), and select the ROM zip file you have choosen

7) If you ROM has extra files, install them next

8) Back in the main recovery menu, reboot system now

It will take a long time the first time you reboot after flashing a new ROM, it has to rebuild all the system files, be patient.
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+1 for what AndyOpie and JerryScript said (they know their stuff :))

As far as roms, basic rule seems to be Harmonia for more space, asopCM7 for mods, and Bumblebee for a little of both (ya'll feel free to correct me, I've only used Harmonia, just read about the rest. And of course those aren't the *only*ones, just my 2 cents)
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I have flashed quite a few in just a short period of time(curiosity got the better of me) but they all fall short of the ones mentioned by sadielynn. Harmonia is as stable as the Rock of Gibraltar,and gives you more room for apps than stock(all the bloatware has been taken off).You have to download set cpu in order to overclock,but is stable up to 730-750 depending on the phone.....Bumblebee is fast and really doesn't need to bee overclocked,but can be. Same amount of room for apps on phone. It's not quite as stable as Harmonia,but pretty close......And then there's aospCM7+(gingerbread) You would have to install it to understand all that it can do.If you are a "Nuub" like me ,it's maybe not the best choice for a first ROM only because it has so many options that are not clear,until we get a little more understanding,but it would make a good last choice for most.
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You are in whats called a recovery loop. Go to the All Things Root Guide sticky, then go to the flash_image and Recovery section. Go to the last link. Go to the bottom of the first post. You will find the Xionia recovery, version 1.2518.6. in the zip form
Power down your phone then pull the sd card out and put it into the PC and transfer the recovery.zip to the SD card. Put it back into the phone and then power into the recovery menu.
Choose "install zip from sd card". Then select "choose zip". Select Xionia recovery.zip. Once it installs hit the back button. Go to the advanced section. Select "reboot recovery" option. This should reboot your phone into the new recovery.
Go to the advanced section, then choose the "fix recovery loop" option. When it's done you should be able to boot into your system.
If not, put the ROM and Gapps on the sd card and wipe and format everything necessary to install a new ROM and install the ROM and Gapps.
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